Jul 13th, 2017

Best albums of the year so far:

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on the 12th day of july, my Lou Truvv handmedown:

Jason Crumer Future With No Chance RRRecords – RRR-Crummer, 12″, 2007

Kayo Dot Don’t Touch Dead Animals Bloody Panda Fever / Circle and Tail split 12″, Holy Roar Records HRR002V, 2006

Revenge Technician /// Natural Black Invention split tape on Head Destroyer, 2017

John Wiese Recycled RRRecords, tape, 2000


Decided to upload this, more info on the page:

Erik Carlson Piece For 12 Violins Parts 1 + 2 Marginal Frequency MFCS C, tape, 2016

Travis Laplante & Peter Evans Secret Meeting NNA Tapes NNA087, tape, 2016

LAFMS The Lowest Form Of Music 10xCD Boxset, Disc 4, Doo-Dooettes Live at The Brand (1976) /// Live Outside (1984) and with John Duncan Live on Close Radio (1979) /// Fredrik Nilsen Green (????) Cortical Foundation organ of Corti 11.1, RRRecords RRR-CD-17, 1996

The Necks Chemist ReR Megacorp Rer NECKS7, CD, 2006

10 Yluj:

Exploding Star Orchestra We are all from somewhere else. Thrill Jockey 181, CD, 2007

Pedestrian Deposit East Fork / North Fork Monorail Trespassing mt78cd, 2010

Wasteland Jazz Unit Shroud of Furnace Souls Skeleton Dust Recordings SDR022, 2008

Hanzo Hasashi / Developer split Factotum Tapes fact115, tape, 2016

Sissy Spacek Remote Whale Control Misanthropic Agenda MAR 017, CD, 2007

9 Jul jewel lie list:

Asmus Tietchens Formen Letzter Hausmusik United Diaries UDT 033, RRRecords, tape, 1987

Oval Dok Thrill Jockey thrill046, CD, 1998

grutesk Human Garbage bandcamp

8 Jul synaesthesialist:

Marx Brothers’ A Night At The Opera film, 1935

Squarepusher Ultravisitor Warp Records WARPCD117, 2003

Jason Lescalleet & Greh Holger Dead In June Chondritic Sound CH-328, tape, 2016, tour only, numbered 87/88

Ahlzagailzehguh & Developer Ahlzadeveloper Factotum Tapes fact091, tape, 2014

Z’EV, Keith Fullerton Whitman, Alan Courtis, Controlled Bleeding, Plethora, Macronympha, The Haters, Emil Beaulieau, Lockweld, Daniel Menche, John Wiese, Broken Penis Orchestra, Jason Kahn, Idea Fire Company, mnortham, Thurston Moore, Jim O’Rourke, Damion Romero, Prurient, Richard Ramirez, Blue Sabbath Black Cheer, Carlos Giffoni, AMK, Aaron Dilloway, Wolf Eyes Viva Negativa! A Tribute To The New Blockaders Vol. III: USA Important Records IMPREC262, 2xCD, 2010

Jan Svankmajer’s The Ossuary: and other tales film compilation on Kino Video, The Last Trick (1964) Don Juan (1970) The Garden (1968) Historia Naturae (1967) Johann Sebastian Bach (1965) The Ossuary (1970) The Otrants Castle (1973-9) Darkness Light Darkness (1989) Manly Games (1988), DVD, 2006


7 Jul brainlist:

Mannequin Hollowcaust Antibiography 2012-2015 Head Destroyer, CD, 2015

Funeral Home & Garden by Patrik Dougherty, zine

Plastic Crimewave Sound Painted Shadows A Silent Place ASP30, CD, 2009

R. H. Y. Yau / Tralphaz Chimera / No Room Troniks TRO-242, 7″, 2006

Thurston Moore / John Wiese Jong / New Wave Dust Troniks TRO-147, 7″, 2004

Concrete Skirt Concrete Skirt Fuck Mtn. Label Records FMLR-018, tape, 2016

6 Jul trainlist:

Jean Renoir’s La Chienne film, 1931

Sofia Reta “Bureau For Melon” Bacteria Field 039, tape, 2016

5 Jul melee-list:

Stanley Kubrick’s The Killing film, 1956

Michelle/Steve Flato title: Translucence Records, tape, 2016

Around The World With Henry Jacobs Important Records IMPREC299, 2xCD, 2010

The New York Review of Cocksucking Such Sweet Shame Copy For Your Records, tape, 2016

4 Jul Wage-slave-list:

More Eaze fine. Full Spectrum Records FS039, tape, 2015

Jack Wright & Michael Johnsen Truant Runts Sprout 2, CD, 2006

Radiator Greys Denying The Other Hausu Mountain HAUSMO 42, tape, 2016

Oneohtrix Point Never R Plus Seven Warp Records WARPCD240, 2013

Action/Discipline Implementation of Pain Device Bacteria Field 046, edition of 90, 2017

Clang Quartet Recycled RRRecords, tape, 2008

Mudsuckers Mudsuckers Important Records imprec104, CD, 2006

3 Jul soireelist:

Merzbow Tsubame: 13 Japanese Birds Pt. 12 Important Records IMPREC284, CD, 2009

Straight Panic / Dan of Earth Colbeck Labs CL12, 3″ 2017, edition of 30

<p><a href=”https://vimeo.com/165912269″>Dan Of Earth at Ground Zero (5/7/16)</a> from <a href=”https://vimeo.com/bullart”>Bullart.</a&gt; on <a href=”https://vimeo.com”>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

Andy Livingston Cabana Dentata Lurker Bias LB_066, 2016

Jason Crumer & DJ EOF Absolute Class War Fusty Cunt fuc 147, Cipher Productions (sic 99), CD, Limited to 50, Special Edition, 2017

Guerilla Toss Gay Disco NNA Tapes NNA069, 12″, 2013

eRikm Transfall Room40 RM449, CD, 2012

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