23 July 2017


My selections for aoty:

two twos in tutus.

Zaïmph Transverse Presence No Rent Records NRR52, tape, 2017

Boris Dear Sargent House SH-180, CD, 2017

Hototogisu Floating Japanese Oof! Gardens of The 21st Century Important Records IMPREC307, 2xCD, 2010, originally released in 2001

Chris Goudreau Odd Monsters Kitty Play Records KPR23, tape, 2015

Crank Sturgeon errslikelywhilstyeH another CD that was included with the caviar shaker box I ordered from Crank a few months back


Evil Moisture & Macronympha The Tentacles of the Octopus Sometimes Compete Against Each Other Pure RRRecords, CD, 1995

Knurl Scyamine Troniks TRO-227 PACrec120, CD, 2006

Contact Low///Straight Panic Things We Want Black Ring Rituals Records BRRR034, tape, 2017

Thirst Day 720flip:

Headband The Mask No Rent Records NRR08, tape, 2015

David Slusser Delight At The End Of The Tunnel Tzadik TZ 7024, CD, 1997

Kieran Daly, Sam Sfirri Derrison Marginal Frequency MFCS F, tape, 2017

Tom Carter, Robert Horton, Lisa Cameron, Lee Ann Cameron Sky City Important Records IMPREC159, CD, 2007

preview Sky City here

Deadnesday 19:

P16.D4 Three Projects (Bruitiste – Captured Music – Fifty) RRRecords RRR-CD-08, 1993

Genetics And Windsurfing Nonlinear Record Orange Milk Records, tape, 2017

Ashley Paul Heat Source Important Records IMPREC413, CD, 2014

Gunther Valentine Music For The Anthropocene No Rent Records NRR51, tape, 2017

Kaontrol Kontraos /// Cave Depression Kaontrol Depression: i can’t live in this world without you Head Destroyer, tape, 2017

Toozeday ONE ∞ :

Aun VII Important Records IMPREC289, CD, 2010

Bordreuil / Rowden Hollow No Rent Records NRR50, tape, 2017

The Necks Townsville ReR MEGACORP Necks 8, CD, 2007

SUG God’s Clit Vol. 2: TIME vs. FLESH Hausu Mountain HAUSMO 54, tape, 2017

Jewel One Seven:

Merzbow Merzbuta Important Records IMPREC070, CD, 2005

Δlumbrados Δ Generation of Vipers Important Records 102, CD, 2006

Anarchestra Endurzbo digital

Trunk Rider Eraser digital

Edmund Cho, Joel Kromer, Jack Wright This Is Where You Get Off Spring Garden Music DGM25, CD, 2016

Marisa Anderson Mercury Important Records IMPREC395, CD, 2013

Won Six July:

Swamp Rat Congenital Cynic Not Now Records 2016

Iancu Dumitrescu /// Ana-Maria Avram Étoiles Brisées Edition Modern ED.MN.1012, CD, 1998


Zbigniew Karkowski & Tetsuo Furudate & Zeitkratzer World As Will III Sub Rosa SR282, CD, 2008

The Haters /// Mr. Natural /// Bassifondi Orchestra Gender-Less Kibbutz glk 17, CD, 2002

Matmos The Civil War Matador OLE 590-2, CD, 2003

El Murki Breakeadito Orange Milk Records, tape, 2017

one5 J00ly:

Developer Monorail Trespassing mt97cs, 2013

Paranoid Time All Knobs To The Far Right No Rent Records NRR40, tape, 2016

Driphouse 50/50 NNA Tapes NNA011, tape, 2010

Mt Borracho Guide to Suburban Occultism / Alpine Ghost Lurker Bias LB_081, tape, 2017

Harmonizer Harmonizer NNA Tapes NNA007, tape, 2010

4444teen July:

False Moniker In Parenthesis Monorail Trespassing mt109cs, 2016

John Wiese Teenage Hallucination 1992-1999 Troniks TRO-206, CD, 2005


Longmont Potion Castle Volume 14, digital, 2017

Anthony Saunders Ikh Khoring Troniks TRO-191, CD, 2006

Lasse Marhaug Purple Cane & Sleazy Tuk-Tuk Banned Production bp184, tape, 2011

Sample Purple Cane & Sleazy Tuk-Tuk Here

The Bark Haze Total Joke Era Important Records imprec127, CD, 2007

Sample Total Joke Era Here

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