Aug 28th

UPDATE: is where matters will continue, I enjoy sharing this shit and connecting with folks throughout the world because of it too much to not carry on doing it somewhere, expect a post on the third there ///////// I thought that perhaps when I reached my upload limit on this website that I could … Continue reading Aug 28th


My choices for AOTY: /// Jan Švankmajer's Lunacy film, 2005 /// Spring Breakers film, by Harmony Korine, film, 2013 ///   Æthenor En Form For Blå VHF Records, vhf #124, 2x12", 2011 /// Alan Sondheim, Azure Carter, Luke Damrosch LIMIT Public Eyesore PE138, CD, 2017 /// Inherent Vice by Paul Thomas Anderson, film, 2014 /// The Umbrellas (Les Parapluies), … Continue reading ∞/20three


AOTY Choices: ∞/TWO: Sickness / Slogun The Scars of Happiness / Always Numb PACrec111 Troniks TRO-154, CD, 2005, originally released on Circle of Shit in 2003 Sudden Infant Solothurn Pure RRRecords, CD, 1994 Gene Pick Adhesion Coefficient Monorail Trespassing mt113cs, tape, 2017 ∞/one: Nick Millevoi, Jamie Saft, Johnny DeBlase, Ches Smith, Dan Blackberg, June Bender Desertion Shhpuma SHH024CD, 2016 Nimh & … Continue reading ∞/3:;

23 July 2017   My selections for aoty: two twos in tutus. Zaïmph Transverse Presence No Rent Records NRR52, tape, 2017 Boris Dear Sargent House SH-180, CD, 2017 Hototogisu Floating Japanese Oof! Gardens of The 21st Century Important Records IMPREC307, 2xCD, 2010, originally released in 2001 Chris Goudreau Odd Monsters Kitty Play Records KPR23, tape, 2015 Crank Sturgeon errslikelywhilstyeH another CD that was included with … Continue reading 23 July 2017

Jul 13th, 2017

Best albums of the year so far: on the 12th day of july, my Lou Truvv handmedown: Jason Crumer Future With No Chance RRRecords - RRR-Crummer, 12", 2007 Kayo Dot Don't Touch Dead Animals Bloody Panda Fever / Circle and Tail split 12", Holy Roar Records HRR002V, 2006 Revenge Technician /// Natural Black Invention split tape on Head Destroyer, … Continue reading Jul 13th, 2017

July 3, 2017

My AOTY choice goes to:   Jul 2nd spraylist: Christian Mirande Museum Piece No Rent Records NRR49, tape, 2017 Ashvar Demo 07-08  Peter J Woods On Boredom An FTAM Production FTAM-043, tape, 2013 recorded new material for 1hr15mins, spent some mite manipulating the recordings on my laptop. Jul 1st preylist:   Keiji Haino Watashi Dake? 1981 Debut Album reissued by … Continue reading July 3, 2017