according to the gregorian calendar, it’s 2017. I released this track about 6 hours after that calendar turned so, if it isn’t obvious it’s my desire to see escapist mind-rot magazines like ‘SEVENTEEN’ releasing news about the harsh reality we find ourselves in, instead of filling kid’s minds with bullshit.

I’m still taking in a lot of art. Recently I was written about at this awesome blog, by someone I don’t know very well, and found it VERY touching. If you read this blog, pls show his blog some love too ❤

I just had a track released on the newest one and only Classwar Karaoke compilation, and I couldn’t be more honored about it. The now ending series has hosted some of the most enthralling experimental and weirdo music during it’s time, and is well worth spending several years diving into.

Recent listenings….“““~~~~~~//////

Ikue Mori ‘Myrninerest’ Tzadik TZ 7714, 2005

—-Found a copy of this at Recycled Books in Denton recently, and picked it up. I had illegally downloaded it several years ago. I’m weird with how I support artists. I try to buy new releases from artists directly from them first, if that isn’t possible, I will buy from the label, and any older releases I tend to find at places like Recycled Books or Discogs. I’m not sure how immoral that is. But I think I buy a lot of new releases, even when I am broke and in a hole, I have to. This album has been mesmerizing me for years. A lot of Ikue Mori’s work has, at least all that I have heard, and there is a lot, and I haven’t heard it all, but I assume it is all very good.

Deathspell Omega ‘The Synarchy of Molten Bones‘ Norma Evangelium Diaboli, 2016

—-DSO still rules, and now more so than ever, which is hard to imagine since their body of work is all so well thought out, and devastating. Whoever these mad souls are creating these songs, thank the unholy lords for them.

Paul Lytton ‘ “?” “!” ‘ Pleasure of The Text Records, 2015

—-I purchased this from Nate Wooley right when it came out, and it blows my mind every time I listen to it. Really incredible improvised percussive sounds that never turn into a beat or rhythm really, with very tasteful and mostly subtle use of electronics.

Longmont Potion Castle 13


Diamond Terrifier ‘Kill The Self That Wants To Kill Yourself’ Northern Spy, 2012

—-I own this but it’s in storage, and it’s really great, and I find myself repeating the album title in my head constantly. Magical stuff. I picked this up without listening to it before just because of it’s name, one day about 6-12 months ago at Recycled Books.

Alberich ‘NATO-Uniformen’, 2010

—-I don’t remember who told me to check this out, but I am glad they did. I found the entire recording to be worth checking out. I know some labels put out an LP shortened version, or excerpted version, and I hope one day to be able to afford a copy of the 50 8-cassette editions that Hospital Productions put out.

Modest Mouse ‘Moon and Antarctica’, 2000

—-During my recent visit to Meredith and Justin’s, before heading to Recycled the time I found Myrninerest actually, Meredith pulled out a box of stuff to try and sell there, and said I could have something from it if I wanted, and I noticed this album, which I haven’t listened to in nearly a decade. I became a MM fan real young but kind of over did it and gave it a break, and coming back to it was nice for me. Very nostalgic, not in a depressing way.

Bryan Lewis Saunders

—-I’ve met some really cool people by wearing this shirt around. I have a theory that any fan of BLS is an awesome person, and I have no proof to the contrary.

Oneohtrix Point Never ‘Replica’ Mexican SummerSoftware, 2011

—-I’m in the process of tracking down physical copies of every OPN release, and I have yet to be disappointed. One of my favorite projects that I only recently have gotten into.


I’ve also recently been getting to know an artist out of New Jersey that does work under the moniker Genocide Salad. They have had a troubling past and their work seems to deal with harsh realities, something I tend to appreciate more than anything else in the realm of art. Check it out there and Here

Much love to y’all,

Princess Haultaine III

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