February 23rd, 2017

I’ve been using my instagram account: mainstreammediamail :to keep a log of things that I’ll want to write about here, and I think when I decided to do the whole 3rd-13th-23rd thing I wasn’t thinking about how much art I take in during the time between those three updates. I’ve had the same realization the last few times I made updates. I really need to invest in a notebook, and start writing notes right after I take something in. And yet, I also sort of enjoy having to recall how I felt about something, and it kind of tells me how much of an impact something has had on me if I am able to recall it better than other things. I’m rambling. I’m also somewhat self aware that I am not good at keeping a notebook and taking notes. I also start to wonder why I am even keeping a blog, and if I have even shared that in this blog. Perhaps the reason why will evolve. More or less, I am an individual that has gone through some pretty fucked up things, and not to compare belly aches with other people, but in my mind, there are quite a lot of people who’ve been in similar shoes as me that have put themselves under the dirt. I’ve came very close on several occasions to joining them. Like many, I have my ups and downs, like many, I’ve been in war, like many, I’ve been sexually abused, like many, I’m medicated, like many, I’ve been addicted to a multitude of drugs before, like many, I’ve lost people very close to me, like many in this fucked up world, I am still trying to make the best of it, despite all these major setbacks, failed relationships, homelessness, in-patient treatment, therapy, psychedelic experiences, really, when I look back on everything I’ve experiences in my meager 29 years of growing and now slowly decaying in this flesh prison….it’s pretty fucking hard to sum it up into a cohesive paragraph, with a point.

Why am I writing this blog? Why anything? Why not? then I think of Harvey Milk’s ‘Courtesy And Good Will Toward Men’ and remember: “Don’t ask why”

I suppose that it is my aim to share the things that help me get by, day to day, that I’ll possibly help others do the same. I’m not trying to write thorough reviews here. I’m trying to do some ‘pay-it-forward’ business, share what helps me, and what helps me might not help you, maybe it can help someone you know.  The things that enrich my life may not be the things that enrich yours, but chances are, if you found this blog through connecting with me, or through the artists I tag in this blog, there is a chance that some of this could help enrich your life. I am learning that the more brutally honest I am, the better connections I am finding in my life with others. It still doesn’t make talking about things any easier, and I seem to be in this tugging and pulling with myself; open up//don’t open up, and yet the only thing that has enriched my life in even just the last month has been to open up, I suppose it’s important knowing where to open up. Look at my blood and guts, look at my rotting insides, have a laugh why don’t you?

Also, this blog itself is one of my giant works in progress. I’ll only be adding albums once, but obviously I go back and listen to things occasionally and at those times i’ll go to whatever post included it and add notes and my feelings about things at those times, and include dates when I do. Over time I aim to have written my thoughts and feelings for everything in my collection, which is also why the majority of the content here will be things I actually own. I try my best to support artists that are currently active. I don’t want to tell you how to live your life, but you should too.

Let us get on with it, shall we?

Aunt’s Analog & Dromez “Hello Douche” Instincto Records-038, 3″ CDr, 2008,

—-Two very awesome Texan noise artists, although, I think Dromez moved to Dayton, OH, and maybe moved back? Hard to keep up with any of these things without a personal friendship with these artists, or without a facebook account. Either way, this is an older release. I found it in the hidden selection at the Arlington TX, CD Warehouse. It’s super duper good harsh noise. Only a little over 9 minutes long. Really, everything I’ve ever heard either of these artists do has totally blown me away, both on recording and the times I was lucky enough to see them perform.

Glasgowsmile “No It’s Not” Sinister Upheaval Records, Burial Recordings, 3″ CDr, 2012

—-This is something else I found in the aforementioned hidden selection closet. This is another name in the harsh realm that I’ve come to realize makes very amazing harsh noise. Everything I’ve heard has been amazing anyways. I had the opportunity to meet Zach Guttowsky, the mind behind Glasgowsmile, at one of the last shows to ever happen at the Paso Hondo Noise Compound, a house venue that Jesse Kling held numerous harsh events at. He’s also a member of Black Leather Jesus, legendary large harsh ensemble from Texas. He was performing in that show in his duo Protists of Nebula, very very intense performance, one of the most intense I’ve ever seen, and very intimidating. They had ski-masks on, and had a doll tied to a chair, and were swinging bats and chains into the ground, getting in people’s faces, just having a grand ol’ time. That whole show was actually one of the more memorable shows I’ve ever played. I don’t want to detract too much from reviewing this album though, just kind of wanted to illustrate that as far as I know, anything Zach Guttowsky has done sonically is well worth checking out, quality harsh. He’s also a super nice person and it was a memorable pleasure to have met him.

William Hooker “Armageddon” Homestead Records, CD, 1995

—-I picked this one up because I have learned, through my guidance from Junior Wayne, that William Hooker is an awesome drummer, and plays in an almost ritualistic and primal way kind of away from the realm of precision and more in the realm of supernovae, a hard to identify style somewhat within and outside of the realms of jazz, as vast a genre as that is. In these recordings he placed his drumming at the front of the sounds one hears, for emphasis, and is backed by a team of other amazing improvisors: DJ Olive, Kickwad, Blaise Siwula, Lewis Barnes, Richard Keene, Doug Walker, Manley Hall, David First, Jesse Henry, and Letha Rodman. Each track is quite awesome. I don’t think I could get tired of listening to Hooker slam away on a drum kit. I couldn’t find this particular album online, so I shared a video of him playing with others instead.

Sudden Infant / Bill Kouligas Split CD, absurd #64, 2007

—-This is something I picked up because Sudden Infant is on it, again from the aforementioned hidden closet. I haven’t previously heard anything by Bill Kouligas but I plan on changing that now that I have. I think there’s good reason why people in the know praise Sudden Infant so. He’s incredible. The Bill Kouligas tracks on this cd are incredible also. Very awesome harsh and weird CD.  I couldn’t find this one online, but they do have copies for very cheap on discogs, at least at the time of writing this.

Kurt Vonnegut Jr. “Cat’s Cradle” 1963

—-KVJr has been one of my favorite writers for around a decade now, and other people’s faves for decades. He’s fucking brilliant. It’s hard sometimes not to wonder really if there’s a such thing as coincidence, or of things come into our lives when they need to, and wether that’s even important to try and find out. All I know is that it seems like I really needed to read this recently.

Dr. Gabor Maté “The Myth of Normal” 2016

—-Thank you Kelly for telling me to watch this! I will have to check out more of Maté’s work when I get a proper wifi signal and don’t have to drain my data.

Hypernormalisation BBC Documentary

—-Again thank you Kelly! Haha, the seldom times I can remember who exactly recommended what, I try to give proper credit to. This documentary gave me a ton to think about, it also exposed many things I was previously unaware of, and seems to be made well, and covers a lot of ground for just referencing the last 40 years. I enjoy the thought provocation that it provides.

“Untitled” 3xCD Compilation on Epicene Sound Systems ESS010, Epicene Sound Replica ESR050, UndeRadar UR10, and Public Guilt PG007, 2007

—-I, too, found this in the aforementioned hidden closet. I only had to see a few of these names before convincing myself it was worth the surprisingly low cost I found it for, $8 I think. There are copies on discogs for very cheap too. Well worth it if you ask me. Black Meat. Door. Noveller. Jason Zeh, Teeth Collection. Earwicker. tENTATIVELY, a cONVENIENCE. Gerritt. Thurston Moore. Wzt Hearts. Skullcaster. Steve Bradley. Wether. Mermaids. Strotter Inst. Mike Shiflet. Leslie Keffer. Magicicada. Burning Star Core. Oblong Box. Aughra. Travis Ryan. Donna Parker. Robert Inhuman. Yellow Tears. 1thousand holy shards. Back From Iraq. Sick Ill Cell. Dead Machines. Herpes Ö DeLuxe. The Cherry Point. scutopus. Ben S. Jacob. Blango. Decimation Blvd. Ultral/Vires*. Subterrane. Destructo Swarmbots. Darsombra. Panicsville. OP Rechts. Bet Hell. John Wiese. Josh Lay. Cotton Museum. Big China & Little Trouble. Forbes Graham. Small life. lovae. The Heirs of Rockefeller. Perfect Teeth. Hum of the Druid. Sword Heaven. Tonight Golden Curls. Guilty Connector.  I can’t find this comp online to share it with you, but I assure you that it’s awesome.

Ernest Hemingway “The Old Man and the Sea” 1951

—-This is a fairly short story, I read it in about two hours. I enjoyed it quite a bit, even though I don’t enjoy fishing, but the way Hemingway describes the bad luck of the old man, and his relationship to this little boy, and the struggle of trying to get one big fish back to shore, kept me quite interested and engaged.

Gerritt Wittmer “Unknowns” No Rent Records NRR21, Tape, 2016

—-At this point I am trying to be a completist with No Rent Records because I have been falling in love with everything they release, as well as finding out about composers and artists and tons of other work they do, and that all is very positive for me. This tape is harsh but very dynamic, quiet parts, loud parts, droning parts, surprising changes and cuts, really great stuff.

Bob Bellerue “Piano Gaucho” No Rent Records NRR39, Tape, 2016

—-I was surprised this wasn’t sold out by the time I got funds to be able to order it. I know that Bob Bellerue has been hosting Ende Tymes each year and the 7th one is in a couple months, figured that would have been enough to make this tape sell out in an hour or two and that I was gonna miss out, but I am really glad it was still available. This tape is gorgeous, amplified and processed grand piano drones that shift around in an ambient fashion, really great meditational pieces.

The Locust “New Erections” Anti 86748-2, CD, 2007

—-I’ve been into this band for quite a while. I had the opportunity to see them perform when I was really young, something like 13 or 14. They are still one of the more memorable acts I’ve ever seen live. For a long time I’ve been taking in a ton of different metal albums without paying a lot of attention to the lyrical content, for shame in this instance: because the lyrics to this album are some of the best of any I’ve paid attention to. “Idealogical leper, Newly planted tower: grows from the ground and spills its guts out on the sidewalk, Pseudo-politico, Flat talk O’clock: Rolls past the site of a flesh insurrection, Sidestepping creep, Hostile Slumlord: Grabs his cash and hits the road, His face is charred and scabbed like the map of some desolate wasteland.  A speck of neglect bombed out and leveled to be cleansed again. We’ll bury this city in trash.  Damage Deceiver builds up his believers and takes charge. Stains Half the sewer with chaos and clover and charred tongues. Is this the dumpster of your dreams? And who will be your next trash crusader? Ancestor incest, the organs are rotting on weak slabs.  Re-animating the corpses of buildings with old stones. Belching into the atmosphere, new erections still the same as those filthy fucking old ones. Now it’s known that there’s no heaven on this shore, on this or any other damn shore for that matter. Shit-sucking kings and ass licking peasants with their foreign tongues licking someone’s foreign affair: only because signs show that we must fly from here. Shave that matted faux fur suit. Hey incarceration generation! Now listen to what the preacher has to say about life, but don’t listen to what the man of faith has to say about petty details like death and despair. Haven’t you heard yet? No one listens to anyone anyhow, take that aimless aim and let it rip. Open fire when you hit the shore, relax, it’s only the smell of some sea men. Fire! Hand me down hamburger. Will all John Hinckley’s please report to the corporate barbecue. Let’s pile this trash much higher so that we might just reach the heavens. Leaving cock-suckers (no offense to the cocksuckers) behind with stock imagination, reinventing commons then living without dead time. Opinions are like assholes, everyone seems to have one. So here you go: Death to fuzz. Dead. Uncle sham and his sick uncle dickin’, all fuzzy tailed and fucking like bunnies. Making you feel just like a warmed up corpse. A total hit hitting on everything. Got to pump and dump. Brains are on ice and still one too many bellies touching their backs while some have their back teeth buried under the ground. They shall eat they dinner out of a polystyrene / polypropylene dish, it shall be pre-prepared, cooked in a microwave sped up by a megatron at a 2450 megahertz frequency and thy food will be calories, bht, bha, sulfites and yellow no. 5, now it’s time to throw craps. So pay up mister hoof-and-mouth-disease, the cake is getting thin, add the coffin meat of those who don’t have the sense to pour the piss out of a boot to save their lives. Feel free, fornicate, it’s not the earth’s first contra coup, or the first astral projection experience with mesomorphs. One can’t resist these surges. One can’t resist these carbon copied species, like us. Power failure pandemonium, proudly perverts plutonium. And whoever handles these loose electrons could you please modify your geiger counters to reveal planets morphing. Blanket retribution completely blocked out by a nimbus indicates it’s time to stray from the nucleus. ‘There is just something about cloud-cuckoo land’ minimally conscious, hairy quadruped. Scientists, save us. Scientists, S.O.S. Questionless outweigh the collective’s sensible side. Poverty on pangea can polarize plenty more till there are only two classes left: Dick and serf. That’s not all, next step is entire countries without running water or food right next to vast fields of golden toilets with guards protecting bad ideas. Sacrifice of the selfless without selfish consent. This hegemony is hard at work. Get back in line, you’ll fit in fine, rank and file, reconcile. Questionless people do you think you can think any less? The highways (the slipstreams of half-sacks) are jammed up from pillar to post. Night changes things: everything is foul and the filthy reign. The settlers are kicking off their shoes. Flex those comets, bury that asshole, ‘cos noxious obnoxious is guilty as hell. Take those smokestacks to your lawyers and smoke out the lot of them. Drown them all out. It’s easy to replace in the name of progress. Wink wink, nudge nudge. Obsolete fuel, so lobbyists pull an alternative mule. Insubordinate antique engine, spark superfluous discharges. Gaia is wounded, corny and spoon-fed. Groupthink banter resonates everywhere. Taxidermy, guilt ridden professors, sneezing out all the answers. Do you want it sugarcoated? Drunk cars in Brazil didn’t have to foot the bill. The complaintiff states, “not enough mistakes” but it’s OK, the EPA is a stepping stone before the end of Rome. It’s easy to replace in the name of progress. Wink wink, nudge nudge. Dying can’t be that easy. Getting born again can be somewhat hard. A snake eating its own tail riding the new wave of new, don’t wait for god to judge you because we can do that. The words you sing are wrong since all the masters are taught exactly what masters are. To know, the chorus sings: “I’m unimpressed” The one who is only god cannot be top dog, employer, employ some stale dead dog fuck all fuck bag. Hey! Heave! Ho! Well in case you did miss the memo…rest in peace neoclassical absurdity, let’s polish turds then eat them. Yum, yum. He’s a wretch and like all the rest he thinks there’s time to make trouble and time to make a mess. He says, “Punch in automate, stomp on, stamp out” Mechanized and traumatized he’s tapping things obsessively. Find his boss’ office and tears it apart. Torches the evidence. Quits his job. Voltage highways, currents moving constantly, blissed out and circuit bent, he’s summoned by his majesty. Anxious electric taps into the registry, a challenge to the monolith the obelisk is posturing. Sleeping monsters rise. (Manichaean disguise). Ransacks junk town. Glass-eyed ogre builds himself an armory, lives like a hammer (a vulgar diplomacy). A new king of prophet, a new kind of tyranny, a new kind of trauma, a new aristocracy. Finds flaws in the eyes of his enemies, wages war and flies his flag. Prelude to the coming of a new machine metropolis. Slum service (served on the sly). The sign says: he’s sketchy (singing all of his sighs). It seems my pig comrade has tripped around town. A chattering tone was stacking stones, building a conversation, the alley said: fine, I’ll take the time. Stone after stone he bellowed. Cover was blown. His mind dropped and then he stutter stepped. The ally got restless and walked (needs a new place) and while the titans move he’ll slither (underneath the slip-ups). Fresh prize at his side, he was itching to hide from the same old flies. Sluggish synapsis mocking cro-magnon’s first impressions, also gently leaning towards the nearest black hole. And even time reversal symmetry is baffled by the smirkless face of history. Analytical avenger can’t be held back any longer by these self adhesive shackles arranged in sequential order up the spine of the self appointed full time re-arrangers of yester-eon. Overwhelmed by the repeating pattern, yellow rain pisses in the well again, while closing in on rationed out reposession. The fact remains, this is the wrong time line.”

Himukalt “Vulgar” No Rent Records, NRR41, Tape, 2017

—-I wasn’t fortunate enough to snag one of the first 9 copies of this to come out, special edition versions. But still, the sounds are worth having. This is a very unsettling series of industrial, power electronics, harsh-esque recordings with the occasional spoken addition to the uneasiness of it all. Very amazing. This is my first exposure to the work of Himukalt and definitely won’t be my last.

Into The Moat “The Design” Metal Blade Records 3984-14528-2, CD, 2005

—-I revisited this for nostalgic purposes. A classic banger in the field of metal-core imo. I did the same thing as before, listened to it for years without following along to the lyrics. I’m not really all that impressed with the lyrical content of this one, but still find the technicality of the playing and song structures interesting enough to nod my head back and forth to it.

Crank Sturgeon “St. Doggery” Placenta Recordings PR122, CD, 2011

—-This CD is super duper good. Has some very harsh sections of electro-acoustic contact mic abuse, from the sound of things and knowing that Crank Sturgeon sells contact mic’s he makes online, but it also has these very interesting spoken word sections, that may even be impromptu, and if so, what a mind CS has to think up the things he does on the spot and even if not, the poetic value is strongly there. “Not to validate the obvious of culling warmth from silent giggles but art is a form of sedition” <— x1000. This particular album isn’t readily available online, so I shared an awesome performance of his that took place in Houston that I was not fortunate enough to actually attend, although, I see tons of familiar faces in attendance.

Yan Jun “Europe” No Rent Records, NRR42, 2017

—-This is my first exposure to the work of Yan Jun, but through some research I noticed he’s in ways affiliated with the likes of Otomo Yoshihide, a favorite of mine. This tape is really great for meditation, very strange recordings involving no input mixing boards, I find it to be very pleasant ambient white noise, and feedback sonatas. Definitely will have to check more of his work out.

Yureka Cash “Social Capital” No Rent Records NRR43, 2017

—-This recording is one of the more impressive I’ve heard in some time. I keep saying that about all of these things I’m writing about here. Maybe even impressive is the wrong word, but impactful, yeah, the spoken and processed words that are conveniently printed in the artwork, the thematic issues touched upon, and the sonic accompaniment to them makes for quite an impactful listening experience.

A Noisy Delivery by GX-Jupitter Larsen

—-I picked this up from GX at last years 9/11 Noise Fest in Austin, where he performed a Haters set (fucking incredible), and shamefully waited until recently to watch it for the first time. I tend to have much more of an affinity for musical experiences that film, I don’t really know why. I did really enjoy this film. I enjoyed the unsettling interjections of different philosophical stances, maybe stances is the wrong word, statements, that kind of come at you in an unexpected way. The soundtrack is where it’s at too, and there are a lot of beautiful shots throughout. Very lovely noir and weird film, my first to watch by GX, but GX is one of those names that I just try to get as many things as I can by at this point, and I’ve yet to absorb anything by him that didn’t enrich my life a lot.

Cloak of Altering “Plague Beasts” Crucial Blast Records, 2014

—-Cloak of Altering is one of the projects by the prolific demon behind Gnaw Their Tongues, and many other projects that I love, Maurice de Jong, or more colloquially known as Mories. Here we have a blend of almost EDM programmed death metal beats that come at you in a progressive way, with Mories’ patented orchestral instrumentation sound that one kind of becomes familiar with when one becomes familiar with his ouvre, though each album is still different from each other, they are all very dark, very intense, and some of my favorite recordings. This album rules. No surprises there for me.


—-My friend Henry Mallard turned me onto this website. It has sort of a similar feel to Randy Prozac’s work in my opinion, though I have not came close to taking in the body of either of their works. I downloaded the recordings from this website and have found them very nice. And reading around in the website is definitely thought provoking in a desirable way. Thank you, Henry!

Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors by Sergei Paradjanov, 1965

—-This is a really beautiful work by a master of cinema, and I own the Kino Video boxset that some seem to complain about in reviews, but it makes things easier for me to not run up data and watch things on DVD. It’s available online for those that don’t have to worry about data.

Deathspell Omega “Chaining The Katechon” Norma Evangelium Diaboli NED 021, 2008 & “Drought” Season of Mist SOM 810, 2012 & “Diabolus Absconditus” Norma Evangelium Diaboli NED027, 2011

—-I’ve been on a Deathspell Omega kick lately. Really, I tend to be very picky when it comes to the metal that I listen to, whereas with noise, I basically love all noise, but it’s all so broad and different and maybe that’s the best part of it, but with metal, maybe since it’s something I grew up on, I really try to go out of my way to find stuff that is pushing the bar, again, these are just opinions. And my opinion is that DSO is one of the best. Please if you’re reading this and you know a slew of bands you find much better than this, please do tell. They’re lyrical content, the fact that their identities are hidden, their musical abilities, it’s just so fucking fantastic.

Macronympha / Easy Bake Oven 容易オーブン Split “Induced Elitism” Rorer 714-046, Bizarre Audio Arts, limited to 50 copies, 2016

—-Macronympha ought to be a name anyone with the slightest interest in harsh noise would be aware of, and then some, i’m no expert myself but they’ve been creating some of the most bad ass harsh noise for decades, with a rotating line-up, currently consisting of founding member Joseph Roemer and Leonardo Sabatto (who also makes killer stuff as Armenia). In the words of Roemer: “More like a mirror we reflect society, some things you might not ordinarily look at. A dark and perversely twisted photo-journalism. Freaks and other like-minded individuals aren’t the only people who can look past “-isms” and “-ologies” to find a relevant voice. NOISE is as old as millions of years of volcanic eruption and mountain erosion. The modern industry of metal and machines added more to this mix. All we do is use everything at our disposal to record the true power that had been filling the airwaves since the beginning of time.” On this split release we still see Macronympha destroying shit, just awesome!! Easy Bake Oven 容易オーブン is a newer project, but obviously they’re doing something right to end up on a split with the masters, and it does show on this release, with their brutal synth and harsh textures disasterpiece track!

Stalagmite Repression “Stigmata Documentary” Pennsylvanian Hypnocenter PHC090, CDr, 2016

—-This is the duo of John Grimaldi and Henry Rial, and I don’t really know how to explain it well, but this has become one of my favorite noise releases rather quickly. It just has like all my favorite characteristics of noise bundled up into 5 slabs of tasteful textures, a sense of compositional structure, volume dynamics, electro acoustics, drone, quick cuts, devastatingly thick bass, mysterious use of vocals, and I don’t know why but the overall flow of the whole thing makes the hour long playtime seem short even, if only for my desire for more. I kind of hate playing favorites as there’s so much good noise and art out there, but….yeah, i mean check this shit out if you like tasteful harsh/drone-scapes from some talented duckheads

Scorpion Sound Source “Amy Whitehouse” Pennsylvanian Hypnocenter PHC088, 2016

—-Kylie Damnyou is/was quite an enigmatic trans woman from what I remember when I was on facebook, and as far as I know she deleted her facebook too. I always enjoyed interacting with her, she was having a super rough time there for a while with homelessness, I hope she’s doing better. I love the pun title on this release, the track title referencing the age Amy passed, and is kinda well known for being the age that numerous other popular musicians have passed. The majority of this recording is a relentless feedback assault that I found to be quite cathartic. I love this album, fantastic harsh sounds and vibes all throughout. I couldn’t find this particular release online, but felt I should share more of her work because I feel like it comes from a very genuine place of dissatisfaction with the way the world is, and the way trans people are treated. 


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