Aug 28th

UPDATE: is where matters will continue, I enjoy sharing this shit and connecting with folks throughout the world because of it too much to not carry on doing it somewhere, expect a post on the third there


I thought that perhaps when I reached my upload limit on this website that I could go back and delete older posts to free up room, but I guess that isn’t how it works. I am not going to pay for this. So, this is the last post. I can be reached at for any inquiries, I can be followed(Friended?) on discogs, I’m on there as PrincessHaultaineIII, I share pictures of stuff I listen to on instagram currently as @mainstreammediamail

❤ much love, thanks for following, sorry for the sudden end, everything ends, nothing ends, LIFE IS LOSS, LIFE ISN’T LOSS


Fyodor Dostoyevsky’s Crime and Punishment, novel, 1866



Sissy Spacek

Sissy Spacek Duration Groups Helicopter H 75, CD, 2016



Kontrolket / Blood Moth / METEK / See Through Buildings / Kyosuke Higuchi / Soma Abstractions Vol. 1 Lurker Bias LB_065, tape, 2016





Throbbing Gristle Kreeme Horn Dossier DCD 9090, 1997, recorded in 1975



The Rita & Frightened Moon The Invisible Woman Fusty Cunt FUC 173, tape, 2017


Michelle Rien

Michelle / Rien split Ominous Recordings OR084, tape, 2017


The Killers.jpg

The Killers by Andrei Tarkovsky, film, 1956



Harry Smith’s Heaven And Earth Magic film, 1957-1962




Last Exit (Peter Brötzmann, Sonny Sharrock, Bill Laswell, Ronald Shannon Jackson) Cassette Recordings ’87 Celluloid CELD 6140, CD, 1993, originally released in 1987


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