AOTY Choices:

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Sickness / Slogun The Scars of Happiness / Always Numb PACrec111 Troniks TRO-154, CD, 2005, originally released on Circle of Shit in 2003

Sudden Infant Solothurn Pure RRRecords, CD, 1994

Gene Pick Adhesion Coefficient Monorail Trespassing mt113cs, tape, 2017


Nick Millevoi, Jamie Saft, Johnny DeBlase, Ches Smith, Dan Blackberg, June Bender Desertion Shhpuma SHH024CD, 2016

Nimh & Mauthausen Orchestra From Unhealthy Places Silentes Minimal Editions sme 0932, CD, 2009

Franz Kafka’s Metamorphosis novella, 1915



MATMOS california rhinoplasy ep Matador OLE 501-2, CD, 2001

Z’EV’s Heads & Tails Avant Avan 034, CD, 1996 & Face The Wound Soleilmoon Recordings SOL 72 CD, 2001

Swamp Rat DOS. Force Trauma VOL 1 CDr numbered 5/14, 2007

Revenge Technician / Mannequin Hollowcaust disaster tourist / crawlspace excavation Head Destroyer, tape, 2017 (there don’t seem to be audio previews online, but if you’re into dirty, grimy, rhythmic lo-fi destruction zones you oughta make contact HERE trust me ❤ ❤ ❤

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seven / three 0



[Car_Bomb] w^w^^w^w CD, 2012

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Quay Brothers’ In Absentia music by Karlheinz Stockhausen, film, 2000

Quay Brothers’ Street of Crocodiles film, 1986

Retro 2


Peter J. Woods – Kingston Family Singers Summer Tour 2014 MaxCorp Industries No. 10 FTAM-059, tape


Einstürzende Neubauten 80-83 Strategies Against Architecture Mute 61677-2, CD, 1997

The Rita Thousands Of Dead Gods PACrec124, Troniks TRO-231, CD, 2006

Ben Bennett and Jack Wright Tangle Public Eyesore 130, CD, 2014

727 numerical palindromes are so last century

Stroker Dolores Monorail Trespassing mt117cs, 2017

Ben Frost A U R O R A Bedroom Community HVALUR20CD, Mute 9596-2, 2014

Shredded Nerve Bleeding From The Head Monorail Trespassing mt114cs, 2017

Opponents Psychosexual Spiritual Out-Of-Body Records O-O-BR-10, tape, 2013

Bastard Noise + Lockweld 6 AM DP, CD, 2003




FFH Symbol To Be Forgotten No Rent Records NRR17, tape, 2016

Oneohtrix Point Never Rifts: Betrayed In The Octagon /// Zones Without People /// Russian Mind Software SFT 020, 3xCD, 2012



Khaki Blazer Didn’t Have To Cut Hausu Mountain HAUSMO 58, tape, 2017

Jozef Van Wissem The Joy That Never Ends Important Records IMPREC329, CD, 2011

Developer Repentance Products RP-006, tape, 2014

BIR / Stapperton LB_071 Lurker Bias, tape, 2016

Peter Vincent and A.F. Jones Magnifico No Rent Records NRR54, tape, 2017

Incapacitants Recycled RRRecords, tape, ????

The Rita Recycled RRRecords, tape, 2004

PCRV Recycled RRRecords, tape, ????

Larsen Cool Cruel Mouth Important Records IMPREC325, CD, 2011




Duffer Brother’s Stranger Things season 1

Sightings & Tom Smith Gardens Of War The Smack Shire TSSR 1006, CD, 2004

Sterile Garden Ryta Monorail Trespassing mt98cs, tape, 2013

Alförjs Demons I Shhpuma (Clean Feed) SHH029CD, 2017

Scant At Fault No Rent Records NRR53, tape, 2017

Straight Panic How To Spot A Possible Homo Invocation Films INV02 numbered 10/25, VHS, 2017

Werewolf Jerusalem & Culver Turgid Animal TA391, tape, 2009

Turkish Merchant Smoking In His Shop by Alexandre-Gabriel Decamps, 1844, as chosen as the artwork for disc 2 of 6 to go with Marcel Proust’s Guermantes Way in The Ebony Tower’s 42-disc boxset dedicated to Remembrance of Things Past aka In Search of Lost Time

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