May 13th, 2017

Stress Orphan “Mass Casualty Event” Phage Tapes PT:228, Fusty Cunt FUC 159, CD, 2016

—-“See the blinding light, feel the blast wave, this is a mass casualty event, it will all come crumbling down!!!…welcome to the island!! welcome to the trenches!! you will die here!! thousands of miles from home!!” A very intense, and amazing Power Electronics release. 

Blue Sabbath Black Cheer & The Rita “Drowning Witches” Debacle Records DBL043, CD, 2011

—-I love this. My introduction to BSBC, been a fan of The Rita for a while now, will have to look more into BSBC, this is a slow crawl HNW album but with dynamics, slow transitions, a couple short transitions, at times sounds like a fire crackling, others sound like a storm is brewing in the distance, I find it actually quite peaceful in the way that it sounds, but the artwork gives it a very dark slant. 

Oren Ambarchi & Robbie Avenaim “Alter Rebbe’s Nigun” Tzadik TZ 7131, CD, 1999

—-This album. THIS album. As much as I don’t like to play favorites, and I won’t, I will just say that this is very deep. Very amazing album, on a very amazing label. 

Sun City Girls “Torch of the Mystics” Abduction ABDT055, CD, 2015, originally released by Majora in 1990

—-Arguably SCG’s most popular album, and for good reason. It’s quite lovely, brilliant, rewards multiple listens, just like all of their albums. 

Wolf Eyes “Undertow” Lower Floor Music LFCD001, 2017

—-Great band. Funniest instagram account. Great album.  
May12: dreamt some people were playing an invented two string instrument on acoustic guitar body with no sound hole, at some other point I was shaving my head and my beard off, at some other point my pitch shifter from ElectroLobotomy came in and I was messing with it

Noise Widow Vol. I, Spring 2017, zine

—-I saw other noisers sharing this online and recommending it, so I ordered one, and this was a good decision. Very well writting, and humorous. I will be attempting to keep up with these from here on out. Autumn Pool, Treading Bloom, Limbs Bin, Slit Throats, Flysch, V. Sinclair, John Wiese, Hilary J. Flint, Faith Void, Penis Geyser, Michael Barthel, Knækkede Stemmer, Under Nylon, Kjosted, Aaron Dilloway, Modern, Ekman, Chasms, Trepaneringsritualen, Sickness, Knurl, Culture of Death, Deathpile, Masonna, and Prurient all make appearances/get mentioned in this issue in some form or fashion. 

The Gerogerigegege “燃えない灰 = Moenai Hai” Irrational Arts IA 005, tape, 2016

—-The Gerogerigegege, Japanese Ultra Shit Band, returned last year, after a 17 year hiatus, and released this amazing album on tape, CD, and LP, on different labels. I went with the tape version because tapes. I love this band. I love this tape. Art is over. Fuck compose. 

AMK “Crowns” Oxen Records OXEN035, tape, 2017, special edition limited to 3 copies

—-I wake up early for my job here in treatment, and most of the time this bothers me, but I got lucky one morning a week or two back when I checked my email shortly after waking, and had one from Oxen detailing this special edition version limited to 3 copies, checked their website, still available, very rarely do I have funds for such special editions, but it was actually reasonable priced. Early bird got the worm. As far as the sounds, they are difficult to describe, the liner notes reveal that all the sounds are made using records, record players, montage flexidiscs, and field recordings, this all results in a disconcerting form of outré sound collage that is quite incredible, as is anything I’ve heard from AMK, or Oxen for that matter, so far. 
11May: Dreamt that a package I sent to my friend Kelly arrived, felt like waking life, nothing out of the ordinary that I can recall, Kelly described the contents, but in case the package doesn’t show up until after this blog update, I’m not going to include those details. At some other point in the dream, I was in a kind of auto-repair shop, where all of a sudden these giant anthropomorphic beasts started attacking and hunting everyone in the warehouse looking enclosure, knocking cars off of lifts, smashing things, stomping things

Zaïmph “Sexual Infinity” Hospital Productions HOS-162, CD, 2006

—-I find this recording particularly interesting because it disguises itself as a lo-fi nightmare scape, and yet these hi-fi parts drift in and out in a hallucinatory manner, the album also gets more dense and intense as it goes on; giving it a solid sense of composition. And, of course, it’s on the great Hospital Productions label. 

Arvo Zylo “333” No Part Of It, CD, 2010

—-This is an extremely fantastic beat driven noise/industrial release that has a warm and playful feel to it. 

Heavy Seals “Jazz Bust” Troniks TRO-198, CD, 2005

—-John Wiese and Brace Paine deliver the goods on this zinger of an album, somewhere around 16 minutes, on the great Troniks label! 

Mlehst “Recycled” RRRecycled tape, RRRecords, 1997

—-This is a lo-fi masterpiece of musique concrète/odd, at times harsh, mostly creepy, nightmarescape. 

Emil Beaulieau “Dedicated to Charlie Ward” RRRecords Pure Records, CD, 1995 

—-Emil B aka Ron, who runs RRR, and is self proclaimed, “America’s Greatest Living Noise Artist”, for good reason, because he does in fact make very great noise, and this album is very bad ass. RRRecords foreveRRR. 

Car Bomb “Meta” CD, 2016

—-It’s quite refreshing for me that a band is able to take the metalcore, djent, or whatever somewhat more mainstream underground forms of metal and push it to these extremes. This is heady, and heavy. I love it. Total banger. 

Mike Page “Page” At War With False Noise ATWAR042, CD, 2008

—-A very tasteful 45 minute bass wall textured with lots of various forms of mid-range and treble synth and static work, occasionally there are very effected vocals that are difficult to discern unless one is intently paying attention and is familiar with how highly effected vocals sound, I love it a lot. It’s on a great label too!

In•Formed at 8 Ours 2/24/17, Weaverzines

—-This explains itself on the cover, and what’s inside is very thought provoking, and also includes this reading list, that I plan on tackling asap

This one can be found online here

Click to access Troubled%20Air.pdf

More Eaze “Firesid3 Ch@t R00m” Orange Milk Records, tape, 2017, art by Tristan Whitehill, text and layout by Keith Rankin

—-Another fantastic release by More Eaze, and the reason I found out about Orange Milk records, I’ve been missing out. This tape is pretty damn indescribable, impossible to pigeonhole, so many elements of so many different kinds of music combine to create an astoundingly abstract collage of styles, “what the fuck are you looking at?”

Stray Dog Compilation on Oxen Records oxen10, CD, 2015

—-P.I.G.S., Kira, F.T.P., Sissy Spacek, Sects, The Pig Lady, Wrong Hole, Constrain, Kiran Arora, Allegory Chapel Ltd., AMK/GX-Jupitter-Larsen/Elden M. collab, need I say more. Every track is killer! 

Z’ev “Opus 3.1” Soleilmoon Recordings sol 8 cd, 1998

—-Z’ev is legendary for many reasons, and this album is a solid example of why. Percussive dreamscapes that are about as far into the deep end as it gets. 

Gerritt & John Wiese “The Disappearing Act EP” Misanthropic Agenda MAR014, CD, 2006

—-This, like anything with either of these artist’s names on it, is beyond astounding. It really seemed to break my brain apart and put it back together wrong. 

Carlos Giffoni “Arrogance” No Fun Productions NFP-08, CD, 2007, Art by Megan Ellis

—-Droning, harsh synth excursions, hallucinatory fjords of shifting waveforms, sudden transitions, mesmerizing meltdowns, brooding and magnificent. Awesome album! 

R.H.Y. Yau “:Contiguous: 22 Context Independent Movements” RRRecords Pure 55, CD, 1997

—-RRRecords foreveRRR, everything I’ve heard by R.H.Y. Yau is amazing. 
May10: dreamt I was chainsmoking and then I vomited all over the floor of a crowded restaurant, i was having difficulty catching my breath, I was trying to meet up with some people back at my car but the vomit got all over my clothes so i was trying to find new clothes before going back to the car

Guilty Connector / Maaaa split Triangle Records TR-45, XV Parówek XVP73, Chaosynod CHSN009, 2010, numbered 12/100

—-GC’s side is a droning, dark ambient piece, that breathes and pulsates in mysterious ways. Maaaa’s side is full of a deep bass drone, and what sounds like processed recordings of dogs yelping and barking, and by the track title, ‘In The Cage’ I am led to believe these field recordings may have been taken in a dog pound, some of it is heavily modulated, for all I know these aren’t field recordings at all, but weird electronics that sound like dogs and cages rattling, the bass drone masks it enough to not be certain of the madness behind these sounds. A sick tape, released by sick labels! 

Fire! with Oren Ambarchi “In The Mouth – A Hand” Rune Grammofon RCD 2130, 2012

—-Everything I’ve ever heard with Ambarchi is brilliant, masterful, often very different from album to album, here is a sort of rock-esque jazz-esque drone-esque outré series of deep pieces that are, to reiterate, brilliant, and masturful. Sick label too! 

Converge “Axe To Fall” 2009

—-A very special place in my dead heart is filled by Converge. 

Matthew Reis “A Penny Won’t Do” Zine, 10 pages, 2016

—-Reis has been making incredible art for over a decade to my knowledge, former Epicene Records manager, current Factotum Tapes manager, used to make amazing sounds as Teeth Collection, now makes mindbending and astonishingly devastating harsh cut up as Developer, and as anyone who follows him on instagram knows, @earlyswans posts tons of dark and interesting visuals pretty often, and to top all this off, makes very amazing zines. I’m only showing the cover and just inside the cover here, to try and entice you to get in touch with him and collect these zines yourself, may be easiest form of contact. They are bad ass. This one covers such themes as poppy fields, various military members with weapons in their hands, psychedelic type collages with intricate spirals, and plays with various inversions throughout images, industrial plants with thick smog coming out, diseases, petri dishes, hard to identify images, and much more, it’s all very awesome, and very dark. 

Édouard Manet. A Lady with Fans (A Portrait of Nina de Callais). 1873 as chosen as the artwork for disc 4 of 6 to go with Marcel Proust’s “Within A Budding Grove” in The Ebony Tower’s 42 disc boxset dedicated to “Remembrance of Things Past” aka “In Search of Lost Time

Abu Ghraib / Garmr split on Niagara Tapes NT-01, 2017

—-Recieved this as a freebee with an order I recently placed through RRRecords, by finding Abu Ghraib’s soundcloud I have learned that the project is based out of Lowell, MA, hometown of RRR, AG’s side is a thick slab of bass heavy gnarly-harshnoise with odd transitions, pretty fucking sweet. Garmr’s side is in a sludgy beat driven industrial noise territory, deep bass, shifting atmospherics but then it gets pretty fucked sounding and starts cutting out at one side, drifting in and out of focus, not sure if this is intentional but it’s fucking awesome

Murder Corporation “New Crimes” Pure RRRecords PURE 43, CDr, 1996

—-It’s time for yet another installation of RRRecords releasing a disasterpiece for a very inexpensive $3. On this we have a loathsome dark ambient nightmare scape that goes into a ton of different interesting territories. Great stuff. 

Sissy Spacek “Brath” Oxen Records oxen013, CD, 2015

—-Pure, raging and cacophonous grind that comforts this blackened endless-void soul of mine, little over 20 minutes feels like hours with intent listening, in the best of ways. Fucking amazing. 

Clipping. “CLPPNG” Sub Pop SP1071, CD, 2014


Black Leather Jesus “Smacked Red” Steinklang SK7-23, CD, 2010

—-Richard Ramirez, Sean Matzus, Vance Osborne, Kevin Novak and Scott Houston cum together for this installation of BLJ’s classic, harsh large ensemble sound, as massive as ever, as punishing as ever, as pleasurable as ever. Fucking legends who always deliver the goods!!

Modo Koagon “Hellebore, Black” Lurker Bias LB_079, tape, 2017

—-This is a really wonderful, and dreamy, musique concrète/sound collage series of recordings that drift in and out of so many different areas that once one arrives at the next it’s difficult to remember the previous. Very fantastic and masterfully crafted. Great tape, great label!!
May9: dreamt climbing up stairs in a mall in France, and they were so steep, and ascended so high that it got to the point where I couldn’t go any further, and I was worried I was going to tumble down them all, at some other point in the mall I was approached by intent hookers trying to convince me to pay for sex with them, and I just kept trying to respectfully decline, my dad wrecked my car, left it in the middle of the street, at some other point I was telling my dad about an intent to kill myself, to which he seemed he couldn’t care less. 

BBC’s Arena episode covering Philip K Dick is worth watching. 

Aunt’s Analog “Stoner With Basic Wi-Fi!?” Instincto Records 033 / 0001/∞, 2017ish

—-I’m beyond honored to recieve one of the first handmade, and personalized, editions of this album by Aunt’s Analog, directly from the source, “will drive the sane crazy, already crazy? will heal” and, after taking in the 70+ minute first disc, the ~16 minute extras disc, and the 3″ mini-disc, I am beyond words, it really is kind of some of the more brilliant recordings I’ve ever heard, total weirdo rock/pop with noisy elements, outré sections, harsh sections, feel good and feel better sections, I know Matt wants a label to release a more widespread edition of this, and I sincerely hope a label picks up this project soon. 
8May: Dreamt that Eric Andre was puking all over the floor of some aisle in a grocery store, and he started slinging the puke on the people that came to see id he was okay, I thought it was really funny, but then he started attacking me, and we got into a brawl, 

Rudolf “Brainnectar” Schimpfluch Associates SHA 02, 2xCD, 2014

—-Featuring the legendary Junko Hiroshige on multiple tracks, and the sounds of all sorts of wildlife, bees, rattlesnakes, birds, all mixed down in a maddening ‘psychoacoustic’ way with synths, noise, and other field recordings of things like fires crackling, and who knows what else, spanning over 2 hours of very solid sound art, very fucking incredible work by the legendary Rudolf, as is anything else I’ve heard from him, and probably the stuff I haven’t that I need to collect still. 

Gnawed “Death Evident” Maniacal Hatred MH12, tape, 2016, #12/97 numbered on an included toe-tag for a deceased body

—-Very dark and brooding bass heavy death industrial, about as bleak as sonic arts get, not a single uplifting vibe, pure despondency, ultra negativity, and I find comfort knowing others make music like this because it matches how I feel a lot of the time. The toe tag is a fitting touch. I used to work for the Dallas County Medical Examiner and have put quite a few toe tags on some bodies in my day. This is a fitting soundtrack for such ordeals. 

Steve Reich “Tehillim” ECM 1215 / 827 411-2, CD, 1982

—-This is a very beautiful recording from the great Steve Reich. How could I possibly herald him in a more deserving way than all the recognition and reverence he’s recieved through the years? One of the greatest composers of all time. 

Bad News From Houston (Thollem McDonas and John Dieterich) “In The Valley Of The Cloudbuilder” cover art by Tuia Cherici, Post Consumer Records PCR008, CD, 2013

—-This is a really great, spastic, deep improv recording, it is pretty all over the place, there are a lot of dynamics going on, a lot of sick contrasts, i’m not sure how much of this is post-processed, but regardless it’s a heady effort that rewards repeated listenings. Fucking awesome. 
May6: Dreamt Brad and I were messing around with some cool noise boxes that had all these weird methods of making noise, strange buttons, strange areas to move one’s fingers around in, and they sounded super cool, they kind of looked like arcade machines but much smaller, 

Mastery “VALIS” The Flenser Records, 12″, 2015

—-My friend Patrick pointed me in the direction of this after I shared that I was reading the VALIS trilogy on ig. It’s one of the more impressive black metal recordings I’ve ever heard, especially given that it’s all improvised by one person, Ephemeral Domignostika. Patrick also told me the other works that this ED has done are worth checking too. Thank you, Patrick!! I love this album a lot, just the kind of sonic blackened chaos I needed recently. 

Crank Sturgeon “A Man Shanty / Here For Miss Fish” Business Card CD-R

—-This 5+ minute release packs a very heavy punch of tasteful harsh noise textures, I received this in a package of some gear I recently ordered from Crank. CS is a super great artist, and if you’re reading this, and you’re unaware, he sells quality noise making tools online for inexpensive prices, and has been making some incredible noise/spoken word/other/outré art for quite a while now.

S N I C K E R S “On The Hi-Fi Vol. 2” Stimulus Progression SP 11, tape, 2016

—-The follow up to OTHF Vol 1 that I posted a little while ago, sees S N I C K E R S going further down the effect drenched subtle pop path, very dreamy, very pretty, this is lullaby music for fringe minds, this is what you might listen to to ground yourself during a depressing trip, wether psychedelic or just from life circumstances, this shows you that beauty does exist in this dark world, as that sort of thing gets rarer all the time, and whereas a lot of light hearted music stems from naivety, there is this sense of understanding in this, uplifting music for a weirdo like me that has been through a lot. Can’t wait to see where this project goes next. 

Action/Discipline “Recursive Stash” Oxen Records OXEN 037, tape, 2017

—-A project involving Stefan Aune, who runs the great New Forces label I’ve been mentioning in precious posts, and Brad Griggs, together creating a fanstastic harsh assault, some loops that lure you in before more mutilated sections come in, some quick and jarring transitions, a fanstastic release. 

Werewolf Jerusalem “Hand of The Gallows” Monorail Trespassing mt94cs, 2013

—-One of the projects by legendary and pioneering noise artist, Richard Ramirez. Out on one of the best noise labels today, Monorail Trespassing. 40 minutes of greatness, somewhat relaxing and glacial harsh noise textures washing in and out like the tides, very meditative, and I find it very soothing. 

Ascites “Resection” Gaping Hole, tape, 2010

—-I’ve probably discussed this in earlier posts. The first noise recording I ever heard was Ascites’ track ‘Pukebath’ and lo and behold, about 10 years later I joined Ascites, and it’s one of the things I feel most proud of in regards to achievements I’ve reached within noise. Performing with Ascites is the most physically demanding and sacrificing experiences each time, as I am on junk abuse duties, I’ve broken fingers during sets, I’ve left bleeding after ever single one, it’s rowdy and cathartic as fuck. At some point Nathan, founding member of Ascites, and one of my best friends, mentioned that he felt this tape was the strongest recorded material to date. Well before I was ever in Ascites I would have marathons with their recordings. As many of them were available for free on bandcamp, and may still be, I would spend hours just getting blasted by their sounds. I still can’t believe I’m a part of what I feel to be one of the greatest harsh noise acts, I’ll have to let others decide that now that I’m in it, but I’m speaking from my perspective of years of how I felt about them before I joined or even got to know the people in it. This tape is fucking awesome. 

Scum “We Must Bleed” New Forces 52, tape, 2017

—-Glitches out harsh noise cut up cacophony for fighting those inner unbearable feelings, expertly crafted, textured ambient sections, super brutal harsh blasts, again, amazing tape on one of the best contemporary harsh noise labels. ‘I believe.’

Roadside Picnic & Bee Spit tape on Lurker Bias LB_068

—-Very carefully textured ambient passages with subtle harsher textures crawling along a bass drenched tapestry, hallucinatory and majestic, throughout side a it mostly stays glacial. On side b we get a different side to these collabs, it starts out with an odd looped harsher synth sounding section before moving into a more static filled obviously harsh section, some of the textures drone while others move around more frenetically, eventually becomes this weird glitch zone of sputtering, possibly malfunctioning, synths and ooze, an overall amazing tape on one of my favorite labels!! 

U.S. Maple “Long Hair In Three Stages” Skin Graft Records GR33CD, 1995

—-Debut full length by the legendary U.S. Maple, very amazing, early noise rock album. 

Alvin Lucier “I Am Sitting In A Room” Lovely Music Ltd LCD 1013, 1990, recorded in 1970

—-Thank you Junior for telling me about this!!! 
May7: dreamt I was being hunted by some creature fairly reminiscent of Giger’s Alien, but with wings, and it latched on to me and started eating away at my face, and if was very painful. At some other point I was a woman trying to walk home and some people who were playing a game of pool decided to harass me, and they began to rape me, I tried to run but they caught me and overpowered me. 

:zoviet-france: “Shouting At The Ground” Charrm Limited CHARRMCD12, 1990, originally released in 1988 on Red Rhino Records

—-Thank you, Junior, yet again!! According to Junior this is ZF’s finest work, and I’m not super well versed in much of ZF’s work, but I did find this recordinrg to be quite masterful, very relaxing, very interesting throughout, lots of tasteful textures and transitions, a very lovely outré ambient record! 

Plague Mother “Departures” Prime Ruin VII, tape, 2014

—-A series of darkened, blackened, glacially shifting HNW and ANW slabs, very bass heavy, glitching and sputtering mid-treb range tones drifing in and out of focus, very meditative release, some more chaotic parts come into action, thereby rewarding patience, and gives the tape a sense of composition, I love it. 

Whitehouse “Halogen” Susan Lawly SLCD007, 1994

—-William Bennett and friends (Peter Sotos, Jim Goodall) with a classic, no-feel-good disasterpiece. Artwork by Trevor Brown. 

Ulcerate “Shrines of Paralysis” Relapse Records RR7355 , CD, 2016

—-Ulcerate are one of my favorite metal bands and have been for around a decade now. This three piece rips it up, and they understand volume dynamics, which isn’t very common in metal. 

Jesu and Sun Kil Moon “30 Seconds To The Decline of Planet Earth” Caldo Verde CV043, CD, 2017

—-It seems like yesterday that the previous SKM album came out, and that a new one is out already is not a bad thing, Mark’s wordsmith commentary on seemingly everything worth talking about pairs up very nicely with Jesu’s down-tempo electronic beats and textures. A very lovely album. 

Ava Maria Avram and Iancu Dumitrescu “Second Arche” Edition Modern ED.MN.1013, CD, 1998

—-Been saying this a lot in my previous posts, but Avram and Dumitrescu make some of the deepest compositions of all time. This album, like anything by them, is fucking amazing. 

John Zorn “Elegy” Eva Records WWCX 2040, CD, 1992

—-This piece involved Mike Patton, David Shea, David Slusser, Babara Chaffe, Trey Spruance (credited as Scummy), William Winant and David Abel, and is an epic compositional work, many techniques are employed, familiar and unfamiliar timbres, turntables producing jarring electronics on top of tone clusters, sudden stops, all sorts of things, a very haunting and creepy recording filled with terror, from one of music’s most important figures, John Zorn. 

Oneohtrix Point Never “Returnal” Editions Mego eMEGO 104, CD, 2010

—-As I’ve stated in previous posts, I’ve become somewhat obsessed with OPN after seeing them live at Day For Night last year, and this album is another brilliant recording by the chameleonic sound artist. 

Wear Your Wounds “WYW” Deathwish Records DW084, CD, 2017

—-If it wasn’t for me discovering “Jane Doe” as a 12 year old, who knows what kind of music I’d be into these days? It is the seed I attribute to the tree that is my (widely varying [if I do declare]) tastes. Jacob Bannon’s latest effort is some of the most heartfelt, devastating, and beautiful music I have ever heard. 

Yasuhito Fujinami / Macronympha split “Ressentiment” Bizarre Audio Arts tape, 2016

—-YF’s side of the tape is a very well executed cut-up compositions, that employs moments of patience followed with moments of utter cacophony, field recordings of glass being broken, and who knows what else being mutilated through distortion pedals, who knows how much post-manipulation this is vs in the moment madness, it’s a really fucking great effort of quality harsh sounds!! And then the Macronympha side is still waiting to punish you after YF’s side. Talk about an exhausting, a desirably exhausting listening experience. Macro come at you with a glacial HNW, that changes very slowly over time, and most of the changes are very subtle, churning it out and poisoning the mind. 

Fred Frith and Evelyn Glennie “The Sugar Factory” Tzadik TZ 7623, CD, 2007

—-Two of some of the greatest sound workers of all time come together for a very fantastic recording. One of my favorite albums, ever. Recorded in a closed down sugar factory, natural reverb soaks all of the tones, birds join in every now and then, pure magick occurs. This is the deep end, don’t knock drowning til you try it. 

Leonid Soybelman, Sachiko M, Otomi Yoshihide, Umezu Kazutoki, Yoshigaki Yasuhiro “With Russian From Love” No Man’s Land NML 0128, CD, 2001

—-I ordered this due to recognizing Yoshihide and Sachiko M’s names and having enjoyed their works in the past. This album is this odd mix between rock-esque music, with layers of noise on top of and buried underneath, singing, jazzy parts, bluesy parts, guitar solos, tasteful atmospherics, and overall, these things, amongst others make it hard to classify, it could be written off as avant garde, but then again, so could most of the things I listen to. Anyways, this album is very bad ass. 

LAFMS “The Lowest Form Of Music” 10xCD Boxset, Disc 2, Le Forte Four’s “Bikini Tennis Shoes” and Airway “Live at LACE”, Cortical Foundation organ of Corti 11.1, RRRecords RRR-CD-17, 1996

—-Bikini Tennis Shoes is an opus of sorts, of the outsider rock kind, but too noisy and sloppy to be rock, there’s a terrible cover of the star spangled banner involved, and by terrible I mean an improvement upon, there are samples of the Pope giving a speech with a hilariously transcribed version full of errors, ‘Thank you for carrying me across to the sensuous intensely orphans immensely. The scallop of She-She on the sockets all omnibus. Peculiarly small malt poured tuna the dent to. Duke University toured our morbid Christianity. Spirituality boosts the restaurant, he’s sick Chris at the saw rays. No sermon of the sewer is beyond avocado.’ The two live recordings of Airway close this disc out, apparently the performances cleared everyone out of the room, but they all could hear it through the walls and applauded after it was over. Glorious and messy wall-of-sound approach. Again, I cannot understate how amazing the recordings by LAFMS and its affiliates are in my opinion. 

R. H.Y. Yau “The Hidden Tongue” Ground Fault Recordings Series II GF009, CD, 2000

—-One of my initial thoughts, is that perhaps this is called The Hidden Tongue, because some of the more chaotic sections sound like some of the most processed vocals I’ve ever heard, to the point where I’m not entirely sure they are vocals at all, the first two seconds of the recording act like an overture, then it creeps around for a bit, going back and forth from quiter horrorscapes to full on harsh blasts, and gets more and more chaotic as it goes along, the chaotic sections get longer each time they come in before dropping back out to more creep filled quieter sections, that get creepier each time. I purchased this because it’s on Ground Fault, a label that my bud Rob turned me on to, thank you Rob!! Now I will have to look more into Yau’s work. This shit is fucking amazing. 

Ralf Wehowsky and Kevin Drumm “Cases” Selektion SCD 030, 2001

—-A while back, Junior turned me onto the work of P16.D4, whose work i still need to dive further into, and without even realizing it, until ordering this because of Kevin Drumm’s involvement, I have learned that Wehosky is one of the members of P16.D4, and has done a lot of collaborative works with the likes of Aube, Bhob Rainey, and many others whose works I enjoy very thoroughly. I’m obviously going to have to become more acquainted with Wehowsky now. This recording sees the two functioning in an outré realm involving characteristic use of lowercase, musique concrète, drone, ambience, silence, tasteful buildups and many other techniques, creating an extremely awesome, at times frightening, creepy and weird CD. 

Frank Felice “Sidewalk Music, and other more or less than concrete notions” Capstone Records CPS-8707, CD, 2002

—-This is something Junior told me about, and as with everything he tells me about, I know I can go ahead and order it without previewing it and expect to love it. It’s funny, because the liner notes and artwork are so misleading on this. Quite the case of judging a book by its cover for me, when this arrived and I read the liner notes, my first thoughts were: ‘oh damn I dunno if I’m gonna dig this.’ It appears to be a kooky, kind of corny, old man talking about his music in a humble and pretty toned down fashion. Well, humble is about the only assumption I made correctly about Felice. These pieces of music are fucking spectacular. Ultra deep electro-acoustic and musique concrète passages that are very bad ass. This kooky old man has quickly turned me into a fan. Junior, right on target, obliterating the target and my expectations yet again. Thank you, Junior!! 

Phocomelus “Gross Indecency” New Forces 53, tape, 2017

—-This is a fantastic harsh barrage, fills the space of HNW but isn’t static, it’s quite frenetic, but also very dense, different things occur in the left and right channels which give it a hallucinatory feel, churning, burning, decaying at a rapid pace, hopeless, brutal, and gloriously indecent. Again, a fantastic harsh noise release on one of the best contemporary harsh noise labels. 

Death Grips “The Powers That B” Harvest, Third Worlds 2547120083, 2xCD, 2015

—-‘Like I’ll ever know, was like I even want to know, was like I never didn’t know, was like I don’t know I don’t know, if I’m so necessary, blank blank obituary, at broadway cemetery…somethings only I have seen, some people only i have been, used to know who I was, pay no mind illogical, just don’t die in a hospital, oh yeah, I should be worried, oh yeah, I’m temporary…as if my flesh keeps me prisoner…i fall back concoct new worlds, i fall out in throbbing swirls, i fall until i stop this world, i fall the fuck off this world.’ This is definitely Death Grips’ weirdest album, and I love it a lot. A lot of the lyrics resonate with me. The beats are all killer, ‘Niggas on The Moon’ is pretty much an avant-hip-hop masterpiece and ‘Jenny Death’ is like a Rock-Rap masterpiece. An awesome double disc album. 

Merzbow Plays Smegma Plays Merzbow, Tim/Kerr Records TK96CD 140, 1996

—-Two roughly 20 minute pieces, one where Merzbow is processing Smegma recordings and the other is vice versa, and the results are so fucking awesome. 

Chris Corsano, Sylvie Courvoisier, Nate Wooley “Salt Task” Relative Pitch Records RPR1044, CD, 2016

—-Three of some of improvised musics deepest come together to traverse from fjord to meteor belt to realms which lie outside the physical multiverse. Really bad ass stuff. 

K2 “Molekular Terrorism” RRRecords, CD, 1996

—-Another installation of Ron making amazing noise albums available for very cheap in physical formats. RRRecords foreveRRR. A fantastic harsh/junk abuse/field recording/cut up collage from the well respected, legendary, mind behind one of Japanoise’s earliest purveyors of madness, K2. 

Portal “Seepia” Ordo Decimus Peccatum ODP006, CD, 2003
—-Such a fucking good metal album, heavy, brutal, well written, lyrically stimulating, fucking amazing. 

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