May 3rd, 2017

“Ween plays gospel music. Ween is here to spread the word of their lord, the demon-god BOOGNISH. BOOGNISH appeared first to Ween in 1984 when Dean and Gene were 14 years old.”

Ween “godWEENsatan – The oneness” Twin/Tone Records TTR 89186-2, CD, 1990

—-Ween is one of my favorite bands, and has done a ton of good things for this fucked up brain of mine for years now.  All hail!



Harmony In Pink and Grey (Portrait of Lady Meux) by James Abbott McNeill Whistler, 1881, as chosen to be the artwork for disc three for the second book in Proust’s epic In Search of Lost Time aka Remembrance of Things Past, Within a Budding Grove, a HNW box set in dedication by The Ebony Tower

May2: I dreamt that I convinced my mom to give me one of my dead dad’s pistols, with the secret intent of killing myself with it once I got it. My mom handed me a Luger, which I’m pretty sure my dad never actually owned, and am not sure why I dreamt of that pistol specifically, having never seen one in waking. It jammed on me when I tried to squeeze the trigger as I held it to my forehead. I began cleaning it, so as to try again.

Peter Evans Quartet (with Brandon Seabrook, Kevin Shea, and Tom Blancarte), Firehouse 12 FH12-04-01-004, CD, 2007

—-I’m sure anyone following this blog for a while now has probably picked up on my fondness for Peter Evans, whose work I first discovered through Jeremiah Cymerman’s collaboration album “Sky Burial.” Everything that I’ve heard with Evans’ name on it has been top-notch outré ‘jazz’, in most cases with instances of electronics or electro-acoustics, which always adds a level of desirability for me, and this album features electronics, and very skilled playing amongst the performers. Bad ass stuff.

LAFMS “The Lowest Form Of Music” 10xCD Boxset, Disc 1, Le Forte Four and Chip Chapman, Cortical Foundation organ of Corti 11.1, RRRecords RRR-CD-17, 1996

—-There is so much insight into one of the most incredible collectives/societies of troublemakers, outré-sound purveyors, gods of chaos, über-weirdos, of all time in this box set. All hail!! There are: liner notes for every track, accounts and reviews from onlookers and members, tons of photos. I illegally downloaded these recordings a few years ago, and have found them to be some of my favorite recordings ever (as much as I don’t like playing favorites, I’m just super fond of these recordings). I was able to save up to purchase the boxset while in this work therapy program I am in, and it really is a treat to be able to hold. There’s a 40something page book of liner notes, each disc has its own artwork printed, there’s another 20-30 something page booklet of photos, a fold out poster. ‘They Are Asleep (Grandiose Norway Version) on disc one is Chip Chapman and friends failing at rock music, and it’s equally unsettling and hilarious. ‘CMIX’ is a stereo mix of odd musique concrète where left and right channels don’t match up, and someone is shouting marching orders on top of it. ‘Getting Ahead/Orbit-Painting The Roses Red (Original and Uncut)’ is a series of hundreds of recordings turned into a sound collage Chip made for an animation, followed by another soundtrack for a different animation, followed by a Le Forte Four (L-44) recording being decomposed by a Buchla synth. I could go on and on about how great these recordings are. These gloriously weird and sounds-most-would-find-offputting dirges are exactly what my mind needs. If music gets much weirder than this, and you’re reading this, please enlighten me.


Teeth Collection “A Young Person’s Guide To Self-Mutilation” Midori Records MI22, tape, 2007

—-This is a really solid, weird and harsh excursion, employing moments of silence, some parts that drone on with subtle shifts in texture, other parts where the shifts are much more stark, nothing but quality mutilated tones throughout, fucking awesome.

Andrei Tarkovsky’s “The Mirror” film, 1975

—-As part of the ongoing insurmountable list of things to check out the Loathsome Semen Club keeps adding to, I knocked this one out, it’s the second film I’ve seen by Tarkovsky after “Stalker” and it’s absolutely stunning, philosophically rich, poetic, dreamy, thought-provoking, about everything I could ever desire in a film and then some. I love it.
1May: dreamt I was being shot at in a city by someone who was in a moving van, they unloaded six rounds out of a revolver and I could hear them whizzing by, at some other point I was back at SMU, and was going to some gathering at a pool when someone on the bus we were in started unloading shotgun shells into the people around me


John Duncan and Thomas Recchion “Intransitive Verbs” film, 1977, black card

—-This is a short, rather curious film, by two members of the LAFMS, shot in super-8 film, in black and white, while watching in a dark room on a bright screen it creates these interesting after images when it cuts to black, and there are some fascinating looking distortions in the film the instant it cuts in and out, while both Tom and John do fairly normal looking activities, they are just taken out of context, and it makes me wonder if since there is no context in the actions if that is a loose reference to intransitive verbs. The soundtrack is very awesome as well, droning synths and shimmering reverberating echoes build and shift in a minimal way. Overall a very interesting way to spend 8 minutes.

John Duncan “KLAAR” Black Card, originally released in 1991 on Extreme XCD 006

—-In collaboration with the great Andrew Mackenzie, a series of field recordings and drones weave in and out of each other, and even a recording of Nichiren Buddhists chanting Daimoku, or Nam Myōhō Renge Kyō, and portions of the Lotus Sutra, which I wouldn’t have recognized had I not attended multiple chants at a Soka Gakkai International location in North Dallas with some of my best friends Nathan and Randa who turned me on to this form of Buddhism. Admittedly, I have fallen out of the practice of chanting, but it did seem to have positive benefits while I was doing it, and I met some very nice people at the spot where they chanted, and they are a no bullshit practice of devoting oneself to the Mystic Law of the Lotus Sutra, what many consider to be the most peaceful manuscript in regards to Buddhism, and Nichiren Buddhism in particular teaches that any being can become enlightened, where other oppressive forms of Buddhism teach that only men can become enlightened. Some of the times I felt most at peace where when I was chanting. Shit has been so chaotic lately that I kind of forgot about the practice until I listened to this recording. Outside of the chanting are sections of some recordings from outside with indistinct chatter, lots of minimal sections of bouncing around clicking and sputtering, recordings of fireworks going off, and I don’t want to spoil all the surprises. A very great album.

Dorothy’s Kitchen

—-As part of the care package from Rachel Weaver I received a while back, were a handful of zines about Dorothy’s Kitchen, that I picked out of my growing zine collection to read this evening, and when I went to google to try to find the hours, so as to share them here, I found out that the restaurant has closed. I can only imagine the impact this has had on those who were a part of it, and maybe it just speaks about how I deal with loss more than others when I say that it actually made me sad to learn this. I only got to experience the magic that was DK a handful of times, and therein comfort can be found. No other restaurant that I know of was like this. It was a pay-what-you-can, all volunteer run, heavenly place, full of warmth and friendliness, an all around heartwarming vibe that doesn’t exist in a whole lot of places on this planet. With these zines I now have a few of the recipes they used, as well as a good reference for latching on to those fond memories I have of the place. Not all is lost, the spirit of the place at least residually carries on in my memories, and surely carries on in greater details in the hearts and minds of those that put so much hard work into it. The planet has good people on it, and this place was proof of that.

Children of Alice S/T Warp Records WARPCD279, 2016

—-This too was gifted to me by one of my dearest friends, Kelly, I can’t thank you enough! In a microdose of synchronicity, after I turned Kelly on to the world of field recordings, this album came through the record store she works at, and is filled with field recordings, rhythmic elements, noisy elements, clever use of stereophonics, and to top it all off, it’s on Warp, which tends to release amazing albums left and right. This is more of a musique concrète recording than anything else I’ve heard out of the Warp catalog, but for all I know they have more, I haven’t heard everything they’ve released, but I enjoy everything I’ve heard. Some weird musique concrète, lullaby, ambient, left-field sonic architecture that rewards with repeated listens, very well crafted and I dig it a lot.


Philip K. Dick’s “The Divine Invasion” book, 1981

—-This is the second installment in the VALIS trilogy. I had to stop taking pictures of quotes because it seems as if every page of this thing is precious. The third one is coming in the mail to me, and I can’t wait to take it in. Highly recommend reading these books.

Shorty “Fresh Breath EP” Skin Graft GR14CD, 1994

—-Featuring members of U.S. Maple, this early Skin Graft Records release is short but impactful, full of oddckward emotions, that SG skronkesque noiserock trademark sound, smash-things music for weirdos, awesome shit.

Deathroes “An Infinite Blaze” IDES Recordings ID14, tape, 2017

—-Deathroes is a project involving one of my favorite noise musicians, Gerritt Wittmer, as well as no stranger to more extreme forms of art, Ryan Jencks, associated with acts like Crash Worship and Burmese to name a couple. Coming together on this release are two slabs of darkened droning noise, brooding passages of sonic terror, swelling and throbbing in their muck, drenched in dread. Very awesome noise tape.

Gate “The Dew Line” Precious Metal PM23, Table of The Elements Ti 22, CD, 1994

—-This came as a recommendation from one of my best friends, Junior. Thank you! Junior has been a source of much inspiration to me, and does a super good job of turning me on to obscure gems such as this. I’m not sure I know of too many other things like this. It’s difficult for me to tell if the recording is actually lo fidelity, or if it is just how the tones being created actually sound, what blurs this line for me is that one can hear pedals being clicked on and off and that tone sounds very clear to me, whereas the other tones are all gritty and filtered who know how many times. Either way, the results are mysterious and gorgeous in equal measure.

Mannequin Hollowcaust “Over Her Dead Body” Head Destroyer Tapes HD06, tape, 2014

—-I’m having a hard time describing exactly what effect I feel the fact that the first piece was recorded over Lizzie Borden’s grave has on me, as far as my fragile psyche can perceive: the piece feels preternatural, the spirit of the macabre ever present, whether that be from the alleged axe murders or the evil of mankind to falsely accuse others of things they didn’t do (or not do thorough enough investigations), while letting people who do very obviously horrible things (the rich) never have accountability, either way, the lo-fi horrorscapes that MH and other PTD projects being released by his own Head Destroyer Tapes outfit or other labels, is a personal favorite go to for unsettling art, and the comfort that I feel knowing I’m not the only one perceiving the madness that is ever present on this planet, in this existence. “I’m gonna hold you at gun point while you eat me alive.” Another very underground artifact I am super stoked to have in my possession by one of TN Trash Electronic’s adept of chaos.
Apr29: Dreamt that I was somewhere with Brad, as well as my Dad, me and my dad got into it, because he said he wasn’t proud of me, and I rebutted with how he was nothing more than a bigot, Brad and I left and went to work on noise, we both were talking about how we wish we were dead while working on noise

Werner Herzog’s “Stroszek” film, 1977

—-Herzog is easily one of the more powerful filmmakers of all time, and even though I haven’t seen many of his films yet, every one that I have seen has been extremely impactful. This film blew me away, no pun intended.

F-Zero “Disagio E Macerie” Lurker Bias LB_077, tape, 2017

—-Lurker Bias has consistently stayed one of my favorite labels for a year or so now, and I would be saying that even if I didn’t have an upcoming release coming out on their label. More on that in another part of this post. On this release are a series of rhythmically driven, calm industrial, transitory and shifting, at times pretty, at other times more mysterious and heavy, series of sound sculptures that are just fantastic. Whatever kind of party that would play something like this is the kind of party i might enjoy.

Thinking Plague “Hoping Against Hope” Cuneiform Records Rune 421, CD, 2017

—-Mike Johnson, mastermind behind these compositions, does it again! One of the more fantastic prog albums from one of the more fantastic RIO Prog bands. Utterly stunning!

Interracial Sex “Boy” New Forces 51, tape, Spring 2017

—-This is one of the more sonically incredible PE albums I’ve heard in a while, it’s extremely dense, tons of unsettling textures, the effects on the words add to the unease, as do the words themselves, jarring angular transitions occur after being lulled into several series of horrifying and hypnotic passages, “…the trashcan my grandpa used to drown stray cats…a genetic care package of inbred security and PTSD built to self destruct and to fuck and be fucked…slow, loyal to the nightmare of being born into it, born into this house full of people, more and more each day, with a yard full of dogs hating so little space” A fucking awesome release on an awesome label!

Masonna: Mademoiselle Anne Sanglante Ou Notre Nymphomanie Auréolé “Inner Mind Mystique” Release sublabel of Relapse Records, RR 6940-2, CD, 1996

—-One of the greats of the ultra-chaotic, at times vocal driven, self-professed harshtronics field of blistering noise, sharp ear-splitting transitions, walls of static and sputtering mayhem, a simply fucking amazing harsh noise album.

Terrence Malick’s “The Thin Red Line” film, 1998, adapted from James Jones’ autobiographical 1962 novel

—-This was another gift from one of my best friends Kelly, can’t thank you enough!! This is the kind of war movie that resonates with me the most. It does a good job of representing the harrowing aspects, and there is no sense of propaganda or recruit-em glory story, pawns in an unfathomable greed game being slaughtered, some very real human elements, some philosophical views ranging from hopeful to hopeless, very emotionally impactful for me.

Hiroshi Teshigahara’s “Woman In The Dunes” score by Tōru Takemitsu, film, 1964

—-It’s been a while since a movie made me feel as anxious as this one. The soundtrack is great, there are a ton of beautiful shots throughout, very amazing film.


The Haters “Mind The Gap” Vinyl Communications VC 107, CD, 1996

—-The recordings are entirely made up of stapling records together with contact mic’d power staplers. The results are hateful, brooding, and just the right kind of sonic medicine for this troubled head of mine.

Violent Onsen Geisha “The Midnight Gambler” RRRecords, Pure Records PURE18, 1996

—-This is easily one of the more insane recordings underneath (far underneath) the larger noise umbrella, and it’s albums like this that have made VOG one of the genre’s most notorious and well-respected artists, it’s on Pure, so it’s $3 direct from RRRon, listen to the whole thing if you have the slightest interest in noise, and I assume you do if you’re reading my blog. This aural monstrosity does wonders for my sense of (un)well being.

Yasuhito Fujinami / K2 split tape, 2017, art by Ewan Aparicio

—-on YF’s side, several somewhat distinct styles within the larger noise umbrella melt into a fascinating sonic landscape, from bass heavy drones, to ambient music blended with harsh cut up, and sculpted acoustic tones, great use of panning within the stereo field, the ambient sections evoke an emotional canvas upon which the stranger aspects give you hints as to what is really felt, a very strong and deep recording. On K2’s side, a project I am more familiar with and the reason I ordered this split, a barrage of tone clusters, distorted and mutilated synths, cut ups and occasional drops into silence or crunched up crackles, all bleeds out of the speakers in its harsh maximalist glory. A very awesome and quality split release.

Whitehouse “Bird Seed” Susan Lawly / Very Friendly VFSL15, 2xLP, originally released in 2003

—-One of the deepest recordings, and one of the most brutally honest looks at the horrific reality we live in, in the form of thought-provoking power electronics, and a collection of raw recordings from rape victims of various sorts recounting their experiences, from mothers whose children have been raped and murdered screaming for justice, and accounts of plenty of other sobering and heart breaking atrocities. A very important recording. “This is the reality of what we live, and our children have to be made aware of who is out there. We replace the fear with education. Sexual abuse has been hidden in the closet too long, and it’s time we start addressing it, and making our kids further aware.”

Apr24: Dreamt that I was going through my dad’s gun cabinet, looking for a pistol. At some other point I was making noise with Ascites, B, and M, and it sounded super sick.

Gnawed / Slit Throats / Crawl of Time “Industrial-Historical Document Two: Counterinsurgency” New Forces 52, 3xCS, 2017

—-On Gnawed’s tape, one is consumed by deep bass drones where the waveforms constantly shift around to unsettling effect, aptly unsettling for the subject matter at hand within this release, more or less an homage to the victims of the military industrial complex with special regard for those victims in Latin America. Gnawed layers these droning bass tones with heavily effected vocals that trail into the void, samples that are hardly discernible, thunderous clangs and banging, all creating an extremely dark atmosphere, a perfect soundtrack to the horrors of the world. On Slit Throats’ tape, things get crunchy fast, blast of static interfere with each other to nauseating degrees, a sputtering and mutilated mass of harsh texture profusely bleeds out of the speakers, a front and back slab of HNW separating two other entities, wouldn’t be surprised if that was an intentional move on the parts of those involved. On Crawl of Time’s side, are various servings of samples, with heavy as fuck slabs on industrial power electronics. This 3 way split is extremely well done, again, on an amazing label.

Hanzo Hasashi “Bōmei” Phage Tapes PT:227, Listen to Something Different LSD-7, tape, 2016

—-Placed an order thru Phage recently, and picked this randomly, as I am learning that everything I’ve heard on Phage is outstanding. This is a pleasant surprise. Field recordings are sculpted and layered, birds are chirping, a sense of composition is felt throughout, all sorts of unidentifiable timbres, as well as identifiable ones that are heavily affected, some cymbals sound cut up and spliced in the background, sax samples start morphing around, all sorts of shuffling is heard atop an ambient drone, huge dynamic shifts occur between these odd processed acoustic realms and harsher streams of molten lava pouring into your ears, very dreamy, very chaotic, some of the best harsh cut up stuff I’ve ever heard starts occurring after a while on side A, great use of silence, plucked string instruments, somewhat regularly jazzy saxophone lines, ambience, and loops as a backdrop for when the cut up cuts out, even the cut up gets more and more intense after a while, always with this sense of clear compositional prowess, I don’t wanna give away all of the surprises. I am blown away by this.

Alejandro Jodorowsky’s “Tusk” film; 1980

—-I’ve been a fan of Jodorowsky for nearly a decade, and not a very observant one at that. I only somehow just realized that I had never seen Tusk or heard of it before. I was also unaware that he released a new film last year. Shamefully, I haven’t read any of his books or comics either. So, aside from being deeply in love with all that I have taken in by him, I still have a lot of room to dive deeper M his works. I really enjoyed this film quite a bit, it sort of stands out amongst the other things that I’ve seen in terms of being far less surreal, though not devoid of being surreal. It’s still Jodorowsky’s work, and I love it.

Macronympha “Studio95” Triangle Records, Cerosene Records, Outcry Records TR51, CD, 2013

—-It’s Macronympha, everything they release is fucking fantastic, brutal, dark and sonically comforting to my tormented soul. This re-release of their 1995 studio album with Stella and Roemer configuration is very bad ass, very dense and grotesque. Chaotic sounds for chaotic minds, fighting fire with fire.

Squarepusher “Go Plastic”
—-As I have stated in a previous post: I love everything Squarepusher has done.

Knurl “Methaphase” New Forces 48, 2xCS, 2016

—-Shifting HNW’s ranging from ultra thick bass heavy plows to screeching brain melting squeals, not very many low spots on this, instant gratification, ultra harsh and relentless, texturally tasteful yet extremely brutal, over the course of two cassettes one is beaten into submission and kept there for the duration of each side. Quality harsh on a quality label!

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