April 23rd, 2017

“Either man is not capable of directing history, or else he does direct it, but only by pushing it down the most terrible, wrong path there is.” -Andrei Tarkovsky 

Ned Rothenberg & Paul Dresher “Opposites Attract” New World Records / Countercurrents 80411-4, tape, 1991

—-This was something that is available on the Stimulus Progression website where I ordered S N I C K E R S’ “On The Hi Fi”, mostly because Rothenberg is a name I recognize, an artist I revere, and has made some mind-blowing albums I love that were released on Tzadik. I believe this is my first exposure to Dresher. I am going to make a guess and assume that a lot of the more straight forward, rock, soundtrack, type instrumental passages are more a thing that Dresher is known for, but I’m only basing this on my exposure to Rothenberg’s kind of insane output that I’ve heard elsewhere, where there are zero elements of rock type music or standard rhythms; which a good chunk of Opposites Attract is like. Hence, opposites attracting. It mentions in the liner notes above that “in spite of the radically contrasting surface qualities” of their music, they shared “deeper sensibilities.” What comes of this is actually very bad ass. You could suck in some more tame music listeners with this and introduce them to some more atonal insanity in parts, or vice versa, that not all music has to be outré what-the-fuck-is-happening fringe, and that these contrasting elements can actually work together. I’m assuming that anyone who reads this here, probably doesn’t need this lesson, and will probably enjoy this album or not and decide for themselves. In conjunction with efforts by Anthony Jackson, Mark Dresser, Bobby Previte, Gene Reffkin, and Samm Bennett, comes a rather unique amalgamation of earlier tape manipulation and digital technology renderings and splicings and kind of leaves a lot of various styles and compelling opposites working together. I love it, and it’s quite beautiful.

Werner Herzog’s “Lo and Behold” film, 2016

—-This was also included in the super heart felt care package I received from Kelly, thank you again!! It’s only the second film I’ve seen by Herzog, after ‘Aguirre, The Wrath of God.’ Even after reading the synopsis for this film, and the insert that came with it, I still found it quite astonishing, and very well made. I learned a whole bunch from this film, and I’m sure I’ll find myself revisiting it as the years go by, and it will be very interesting to see where all this technology takes us from here if we don’t nuclear apocalypse one another any time soon.

Reid Karris “Divinatio Exitium” Lurker Bias LB_078, tape, 2017

—-I believe that what I am hearing on here, through the educated guess of being somewhat familiar with Karris, are percussion sounds being digitally manipulated ad infinitum. The results are fucking mesmerizing. No shortage of tones, styles of manipulation, nothing repeats, it all morphs it’s way around in this glorious mess type fashion. Another grand release from the always amazing LB!

Click here for more info on TN Trash Electronics!

She Blinded Me With Boxcutters / Spirit Iron Knife split tape “Allocution” on Head Destroyer Tapes, 2016

—-SBMWB’s side is filled with thought provoking samples, lo-fi beats with plenty of background textural noises going on, something one might play at a party to weird everyone out, “Do you ever fantasize, about being killed” YES, daily, hourly perhaps, every 2 seconds. This provides an apt soundtrack to such thoughts, and a comfort in morbidity through solidarity of thought, that is not often found in much art. SIK’s first piece isn’t beat driven, instead a warbling, disgusting lo-fi shifting, squelching and gyrating mess. Now that I’ve googled ‘Acrania’, I’d say that this track makes a good soundtrack to listen to while reading up on the condition: brutal. I love the production of these tapes I keep getting from Head Destroyer, casualhex@yahoo.com, this TN Trash Electronics darkened corner of niche lo-fi monstrosities have become a personal favorite go-to of mine, for unsettling, strange, sound art to murder that annoying neighbor to, bury them alive, ya know, something fun.

“Love You’ll Think Weird” by Rachel Weaver, Weaverzines
—-Another one of the zines I received a while back in the awesome care package from Denton’s Rachel Weaver, I like to spread out how long I take things I receive in packages in, so it can prolong the joy of receiving awesome pieces of art that help my mind over a long period of time, and that way, when one day I go back over the ones I’ve been over before, such a time will have passed that it will be like new again. Again is a sort of continuation of these conscious and subconscious cues that relate to environmental, physical and psychic phenomena, absurdity and humor, fact implication, extra-terrestrials and UFOs, philosophy, thought provocation, “Darkness in daytime, ash from the sky, ghoulish pedestrians, and a trembling earth. ‘Like the end of the world,’ murmured one.” The way that a single sheet of 8.5″x11″ printer paper can convey so many things is just amazing, it’s folded in such a way that you could easily fit it into your pocket, like a reminder that there are deep thinkers out there, and all of this helps me feel less alone. In order to see the rest of this zine or any others by Weaverzines, hit up Rachel @rachmovesweats on IG.

Richard Ramirez “Anwar” New Forces 47, tape, Summer 2016, originally released on Deadline Recordings in 1994

—-RR is about one of the most legendary noise artists of all time, one of the earliest American harsh noise artists, I’ve only had the pleasure of meeting him once, and he is a total sweetheart, an artist who it would not be inconceivable at all to label a Noise-God. I’m sure there are lots of other people who have put this more eloquently than I am here over the years. Originally hailing from Houston, TX, and last year moving to Pittsburgh, a fashion designer under the alias Richard Saenz, and the list of accomplishments, projects and collaborations is figuratively endless. This tape is an amazing slab of junk-abuse/harsh-noise that forces you into submission, crunching and feedbacking its way with you, no mercy is shown, a fucking amazing tape, on an amazing label.

To Live and Shave in L.A. 2 “The 300 Dollar Silk Shirt” X+Z=0 / ugEXPLODE XZ0-99 / ug21, CD, 2007

—-What Weasel Walter, Misty Martinez, Nondor Nevai, Rat Bastard, The Internal Organ, and OM Myth have created that came together for this album as a collection of the complete studio recordings from TLASILA2, is utterly bonkers, sometimes hilarious, sometimes terrifying, about as all over the place as a disasterpiece can get, from harsh noise to dial tones, from sexy to disgusting (which is just more sexy) and the whole thing fucking rules!

Doomsday Student “A Self Help Tragedy” Skin Graft / Three One G GR119CD, 2016

—-It’s 3/4ths of Arab on Radar + Paul Vieira, and a fantastic continuation of exploring AoR’s brand of no wave meltdown they are known for. These songs make me want to smash shit. “She was a spirited woman, but now she’s a photograph”


“Journey of the Magi” by Benozzo Gozzoli, 1459, as artwork for disc 2 for Within A Budding Grove by Marcel Proust as dedicated by The Ebony Tower

20apr: Dreamt that I was staying in some home next to some theme park with family, and someone on a motorcycle rode up next to my sister and started trying to talk her into going for a ride, and then I saw someone else sneak around the other side of the house and break in through the front door, and somehow I had a 2×4 with nails sticking through it in my hands and I bludgeoned the motorcycle guy in the top of his head with it, and then went into the side door of the house and caught the other guy trying to make off with something, and I hit him in the back of the shoulder, and when he fell over I just kept swinging until he was a fleshtorn pulp.

John Duncan “Out” short film, 1979

—-So, based on the acclaim of my friend Bryan, I have decided to take a deeper plunge into the works of Duncan, as I have only haphazardly taken in a few things up until this point. I have acquired a collection of his works on a black card from his website, edition of 90 copies, and the earliest video on it is this, which says 1977, but his website and the video itself say 1979, so I assume it was just an error. It depicts Duncan laying naked on a boulder beneath a bridge, perhaps expelling things from his mind through ritual groaning that builds to screams until he’s coughing things up and spitting out before continuing to groan and scream some more, clenching his fists and arching his body as he screams, the camera slowly works from wide shots of his entire body to close ups of his face that move down his body to his pubic area, and clenched fists, and propped legs, and kind of cycles like this for 18 minutes. I imagine this was quite a cathartic release. At one point it appears he’s wiping tears from his eyes. Letting “it” “out” is kind of how I am interpreting this, knowing full well that my interpretation could be completely different from the intentions of Duncan, and say more about me than the actual film. I was quite hypnotized while watching this, every moment wondering how it would change next. Definitely leaves a ton of room open for interpretation.

Teeth Collection “Pepaw – for Harley Dill” Factotum Tapes fact014, 2010

—-On this tape is a little over an hours worth of meditative electro-acoustic explorations of tonality and timbre, that are presented in a musique concrète-esque way, although it was recorded live, in that it is difficult to tell what one is hearing come through the speakers. All I know is that these sounds provide the sonic gateway to a distant realm, equally haunting as it is mesmerizing, to stunning effect. Feedback drones on at times, what sounds like metal grinding against metal will slowly change timbre over time, some sounds fade in while some clank around, another great tape from the always great Factotum Tapes.

Pharmakon “Contact” Sacred Bones SBR-175, CD, 2017

—-It’s fucking Pharmakon, I expected this to be great, and it thoroughly exceeded my expectations. Monstrous, heavy and compelling as always! Thanks you again, Kelly, for including this in the care package!!

Sun Kil Moon “Benji” Caldo Verde CVCD029, 2014

—-One of my best friends, Kelly, sent me a super heartfelt package, all the way from Canterbury, including this, and Paths of Glory (review below), and I’ll try and annotate all the things as I take them in, as a token of my gratitude, and Kelly turned me on to Sun Kil Moon a few months back with the release of their newest album, and this precedes that album, and is also surprisingly good for folk music, in that the lyrics are masterfully written, relevant, light hearted and heavy hearted, the song structures are tastefully thought out. Sun Kil Moon basically resonates with me more strongly than almost any other folk music of the last decade, easily, though I know that Mark has been at it for much longer, I’m just referencing the stuff I’ve actually heard. Maybe, the only other folk music I can think of that resonates in a similar way would be Zach Kouns’ album “The Deacon Family Tree” except there aren’t really any light-hearted feels in that one, it resonates similarly in a ‘face-reality’ sense. I say all this while generally loathing making comparisons, but seeing as how I am not into very much folk/singer-songwriter type stuff, I figured I’d make an exception for this entry.

Dave Rempis (sax), Pascal Niggenkemper (bass), Chris Corsano (drums), Nate Wooley (trumpet) “From Wolves To Whales” Aerophonic Records 007, CD, 2015

—-I picked this up a few years ago after being lucky enough to catch a Chris Corsano set in Dallas of all places, just a month or so before it was released. I am somewhat familiar with Corsano and Wooley’s output, but both are so prolific I have not come close to hearing everything they’ve done. Especially Corsano in this respect. I may have heard more than half of what Wooley has released. According to Discogs, Rempis is quite prolific as well, but if my memory serves me correctly then this is my introduction to him, the same applies to Niggenkemper. All four instrumentalists shine on this release, and seem to have quite a chemistry with one another, it makes me wonder how many times they’ve played with each other. A very fantastic improvised release.
19Apr: Dreamt I was in some shop with A, and he had this bass guitar that was 20 feet tall with strings as wide as a light pole, that sounded amazing. I also gave him an amp for recording me. He had these stress balls that produced Autechre-esque beats when you squeezed them. At some other point I was in a store that had a VHS section, and some guy started asking me about these porn selections they had, as if I knew things about them. At some other point I was back at college. I was in some music class (i never studied music in college), and I was turning everyone on to Iancu Dumitrescu (one of my favorite composers), and they all hated it. At some other point I was back in Iraq (I hate these dreams), and I was walking around with a bunch of pieces of body parts scattered on the ground, just meat lumps and bone fragments and innards, and no one else was around. I was trying to find a tall building to jump off of.

Yowie “Synchromysticism” Skin Graft GR122CD, 2017

—-This is Yowie’s 3rd full length rigmarole in 17 years, and it’s well worth the wait. I find all 3 of their albums to be absolutely stunning, and some of the most thought out drums/bass/guitar music you’re likely to find anywhere. If you were to put this on in the background you may think it’s just a few musicians all going crazy at the same time, which, who doesn’t love that? But; if you pay attention, you’ll notice that they are meticulously executing each odd transition, each dynamic shift is intentional, every chord progression played on the guitar or bass is masterful, and the drummer is one of the best on the planet. The final product is ~35 minutes of astounding prog-mayhem.

S N I C K E R S “on the hi fi” Poor L’amour PLAM 001, 7″, originally self released as a cassette in 2014

—-I’m not sure how exactly I heard about this. I read about it somewhere, and was intrigued, and started following one of the members on instagram, and eventually decided to just order this and check it out. What is heard here is one of the most unique recordings I know about, some strange mixture of beautiful dreamy pop lyrics on top of very lo-fi or strategically manipulated tones and noise that just leaves you wanting more. I’ve listened to this 4 times in the last two days. It’s gorgeous, it’s weird, and I love it.

Stanley Kubrick’s “Paths of Glory” film, 1957

—-I find it a bit surprising that anyone was making anti-war films this early on, but it doesn’t surprise me how well this one is made because Kubrick was a master of film, and an expert in making his films compelling. The corruption that is displayed in this film is allegorical to any military. Absolute lack of compassion is the name of the game when it comes warfare, and as a human race we are unfortunately good at playing that fucking game.

Toadliquor “The Hortator’s Lament” Southern Lord Sunn23, CD, 2003

—-Continuing throwing a favorite doom metal release of mine into most of these updates for a while now with this bulldozer plowing its way through the inner catacombs.

Andrei Tarkovsky’s “Stalker” film, 1979, score by Eduard Artemyev

—-As the ongoing Loathsome Semen Club’s insurmountable amount of things to check out ensues, I have arrived to finally watching Stalker. This film is very well made, and though, having only seen it once, I know I can revisit it time and time again. The dialogue is all very thought provoking, the ambient score and the cinematography are just gorgeous, I’m quite blown away by this film.


Read about the Nag Hammadi library here


Philip K. Dick’s “VALIS” book, 1981

—-If you’re reading my blog, and you haven’t read this book, I highly recommend changing that. My best friend Junior said it’s in his top 3 books of all time, which influenced me to order it, and, it is extremely good. It’s the first book I’ve read by Dick, and it will not be the last.

Astro / Creation Through Destruction split on Phage Tapes PT156, tape, 2012

—-On Astro’s side of the split, legendary Japanoise artist Hiroshi Hasegawa, recorded a live set in the Philippines in 2010, and what an impressive live set this is. Very dense, and structured harsh noise with playful and blistering synth elements, creating a barrage of intense soundscapes, really bad ass stuff. On CTD’s side we have more of a HNW-esque crunchscape, but it does change a lot too, like an eternally recurring avalanche of horrific experiences. Great split, on a great label!

Rainer Werner Fassbinder’s “Welt Am Draht” (World on a Wire) film, 1973, score by Gottfried Hüngsberg

—-As part of the Loathsome Semen Club’s ongoing list of an insurmountable amount of things to swallow, and as my introduction to Fassbinder, comes this two part, roughly 3 1/2 hour long sci-fi/mystery that touches on a lot of philosophical issues, paradoxes, has very great use of cinematography and tons of subtle symbolism going on throughout, the soundtrack is an awesome blend of mostly synthesizer works and classical music, and sometimes they’re even juxtaposed on top of one another, which plays into themes found within the movie in ways that I want to leave open to your imagination. I love this film a bunch.

Bruno Duplant avec A.F. Jones “Les ténèbres vertes dans les soirs humides de la belle saison” Rhizome.s #13, 2016

—-This features BD on piano, traitements sonores, and composition, and AFJ on électronique analogique. It’s a very serene, somewhat haunting piece, subtle electronics that are always changing, behind a piano lead that isn’t really a lead in the way most people would think of one, but sticks out in its glacial pace because in its slow moving and punching, reverb washed keystrokes, these are the loudest things that happen. It all seems to be through composed, upon first listen I didn’t notice any particular motif being repeated on the piano for very long, if ever. This would be the perfect soundtrack to a sunrise when you’re out in the middle of a country, away from any city, perhaps alone, with a good book, a cool breeze in the air, just stunningly gorgeous work!


“The Assumption of the Virgin” Titian, 1516-18, artwork chosen for disc 1 of “Within a Budding Grove” by The Ebony Tower in dedication to Marcel Proust’s “Remembrance of Things Past” or “In Search of Lost Time”

“You Haven’t Heard This” CD included with Jack Wright’s “The Free Musics” when ordered directly from him, features an ensemble opening track, with Evan Lipson and Zach Darrup, followed by 7 solo recordings, Spring Garden Music SGM 26, 2017

—-The performance from Johnson City, TN, where a bunch of fringe folks and some of my favorite artists live, is just astounding. Darrup is playing an electric guitar, but leaves a ton of breathing room for the acousticians, they all weave in and out creating this masterfully abstract field of exploration and interaction that is just breathtaking. The following 7 tracks are all masterful as well. JW has a wealth of techniques up his sleeve, down his mouth, into the wonderful brass weapons of whimsy he chooses to utilize, just playing, I could listen to him play all day every day for months and never get tired of it. One of the greatest players of our time.

Cut Up America compilation on Factotum Tapes, released on 4/20/2016
—-THANK THIS HORRIFYING EXISTENCE FOR SUCH A DEFINITIVE COLLECTION OF GREAT AMERICAN CUT UP ARTISTS, 3xc60s, with a zine, and a hemostat. Sickness, To Live and Shave in LA, Xome, Newton, PCRV, Jay Howard, Ahlzagailzehguh, Jay Randall, Tralphaz, T.E.F., Crank Sturgeon, Mania, Sissy Spacek, Collapsed Arc, E.I.D., Bacillus, Aodl, Wrong Hole, Developer, Aunt’s Analog, Ryan Jewell, Hostage Pageant, Constrain, Sean Seaton, Tinnitustimulus, Breakdancing Ronald Reagan, Id M Theft Able, Boar, Flesh Trade, Torschlusspanik, Human Fluid Rot, Fletcher Pratt, Jeff Carey, Jason Soliday, Deterge, JRV, (A)sex, Greg Gorlen, Steve Flato, Uvovu, Breaking The Will, Thirteen Fingers, Mass Comm, Peasant, Genital Stigmata, Whoracle of Delco !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Relentless harsh cut up junk abuse synth destruction blistering feedback assault!!! This kind of shit makes me feel less insane than most things, it truly is in perfect harmony with my chaotic brain, and helps me feel less alone. I don’t like playing favorites, but I don’t think I own any harsh noise release better than this one. Quality AND quantity.

Toby Driver “Madonnawhore” The Flenser FR73, CD, 2017

—-This album feels like those dreams where someone who isn’t around anymore comes out of nowhere and gives you a big hug. Devastating and beautiful. I can’t express my appreciation for the works of Toby Driver over the years, always changing, always helping me grow or heal or reach catharsis and battle a lot of this mental stuff I am going through, gives me a lot of hope, is the soundtrack to some very dark times but never forgets the beauty.

Pentagram Handz “Dragged Into Submission” c90, 2017

—-This is something you might play at a party to creep everyone out, only for the truly fringe disgruntled-heads, I love the way PTD describes it, pictured above, I love how uncomfortable and unlistenable some of it is, this is just a huge plus for me, this is some kind of rare TN Trash Plunderphonic Artifact, that I am very glad to have in my possession, I’m so fucking glad this is 90 minutes long. Perfect for my misanthropic parties I have while I am alone, and I can’t wait for the day to slip this on at a gathering, and clear the fakes out of the room.


“Fo(u)r Burials” 4 way split featuring Otesanek, Loss, Orthodox and Mournful Congregation, reissue on The Flenser FR-15, CD, 2011, originally released by Battle Kommand Records in 2008

—-I didn’t really mean to make this a trend, but it seems like all of my recent posts feature some of my favorite doom metal recordings, and that’s what is occurring with this entry as well. Four amazing bands came together to make this classic 4 way split album that has no uplifting vibe to it whatsoever, extreme despair is all that one will find in these recordings and lyrics.


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