April 13th, 2017

“Art is how a person makes sense of things, the journey of trying to understand things they don’t understand inside themselves. Art is the process of searching for the meaning and the positive expression of negative attitudes and perceptions, a way to piece together seemingly disconnected things and reflect and communicate things to avoid killing people and eating them. For real. It is more than therapy. It is a language that makes therapy possible; among many other things.”

-Bryan Lewis Saunders

Nazoranai (Stephen O’Malley, Oren Ambarchi, Keiji Haino) “the most painful time happens only once has it arrived already…?” Ideologic Organ / Editions Mego SOMA018, CD, 2014

—-I mean, this line-up, just look at it, three legends, coming together for one of the weirdest ‘rock’ albums, almost nightmarish at times, has this dream like feel to it, but then Haino is yelling at you, or lulling you into a trance with his guitar playing, or his synth and drum machine magicks, O’Malley keeps the bass thick and accentuating, and Oren’s drumming is quite good as well, I love it a lot.

F.M. Einheit / Caspar Brötzmann “Merry Christmas” Thirsty Ear thi57012.2, CD, 1995

—-This recording is quite fantastic. Einheit being quite legendary, for being one of the founding members of Einstürzende Neubauten, and Brötzmann being a legend in his own right as well as being the son of the great Peter Brötzmann, it has to be noted because I am not sure I can begin to imagine how awesome it must’ve been to be raised by him, this album is mostly arhythmic and abstract, occasionally there are moments of rhythm, and even a little more ‘standard’ sounding guitar playing, while most of it, if you took this in in a blind listen and weren’t aware of it, you wouldn’t really recognize most of the sounds as coming from a guitar, and often even being aware of it, it can be difficult to tell what Einheit is doing vs what Brötzmann is doing, which is quite a magickal thing for me, it’s very meditative, it’s very weird, and I love it a lot.

From Between (Jack Wright, Michel Doneda, Tatsuya Nakatani) Jerome Rothenberg is behind “The Orators (II)” 1986 poem and song titles, CD, 2004

—-I’m bringing Jack Wright up a lot in this post, but for good reason(s), this is one of the most astounding free playing albums I own, and have ever heard, very contemplative and careful interactions amongst the players, lots of strange peaks a valleys, if someone played this to you blindly you may assume there were some electronics going on, parts are basically ambient, a lot of tones creep in and fade out, but it’s the result of masterful playing with subtle shifts and quieter acoustic tones, it’s stunningly mesmerizing. Jack refers in ‘The Free Musics’ to most music writing being hagiology, and I realize that all of the stuff that I’m writing about on this blog are things that I love, I sorta do view many artists as ‘saints’, especially the ones that improve my mental well-being in regards to the various illnesses of the psyche that I live with, such as everyone that I write about on this blog. If ya ever read this Mr. Wright, please excuse my praise, for I revere you.

Themselves (Doseone and Jel) “The No Music” Anticon abr0025cd, 2002

—-‘no music plays in hospitals…we’re new to this burnt star on a door to a floor in space or should we give it up for death insurance, workfriends, and a smile that’s fake….things will pfft just the same w/o names or stay happy in minutes, if this is only the beginning I’m like wussup wit da finish…the more I think the more I think about suicide…you beinghaunted, caught you looking like a barbwired fireescape…what came first? the stone tool or the shadow puppet…how’d they break it to you, hellouhhuh you’ve got cancer of the hope…for you to realize your in the cut corn to cut corn to cut throats by the same knife. that’s why I wear pants to wipe blood to wear pants to wipe blood to wear pants…sometimes I’m so fear of death I can’t move. what eating the skin off my fingers won’t prove…you can’t make satan prey, can’t sick mom armed with hot needles, can’t shoot guns down the sewer, or bang on your ceiling angry for god, Satan is alot like you scored up to its horns of happiness, don’t deny yourself mournings, sing in the face of your enemies…laughing with your hat in the wind, not at you’. Straight up one of the deepest hip hop albums of all time. Absolute brilliance from beginning to end.

Excerpts for Clara De Asís and Bruno Duplant’s debut on Marginal Frequency, and purchasing information here

Clara De Asís / Bruno Duplant “L’inertie” Marginal Frequency MFCS E, tape, 2017

—-As mentioned below, this label is quickly becoming one of my favorites, not a single dud in the bunch, in fact every tape is excellent, this one is full of lush organs, guitar and electronics, drones, all interwoven and supremely mesmerizing. I love it a lot!

Olivier Messiaen “Turangalîla-Symphonie” Yvonne Loriod, Jeanne Loriad, Orchestre de l-Opera Bastille, Myung-Whun Chung, Deutsche Grammophon 431 781-2, CD, 1991

—-I’ve been really into Messiaen since discovering his works 6 or 7 years ago, really haven’t heard anything I didn’t love, from the solo piano pieces to pieces like this with full orchestras, I find it all astounding!

Jack Wright’s “The Free Musics” book, 2017
—-The above segments are all from the first 11 pages of a 300 page book, that I cannot begin to tell you how thrilled I am to own and copy and read, and learn from this wise phenom, Jack Wright. If the above segments interest or resonate with you at all, I suggest getting in contact with Jack directly, at jackwri444@aol.com and ordering a copy, copies directly from him include a CD that doesn’t come with it if you order it anywhere else. I believe they are $20 plus shipping.

Franz Liszt “Piano Concerto No. 1 / Totentanz / Wandererfantasie” Jenö Jando on piano, Budapest Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Andras Ligeti, Laserlight Digital 15 630, CD, 1990

—-I’ve been a sucker for Liszt for around 7 years, classic!

Gerritt “space level blaze” Misanthropic Agenda MAR010, CD, 2003

—-It seems the sounds were given to John Wiese to mix and manipulate and the result is absolutely stunning, and quite insane sounding.

Growing “Color Wheel” Troubleman Unlimited sublabel Mega Blade TMU 173, CD, 2006

—-This is a very beautiful recording, love everything I’ve heard by Growing.

The Locust “Safety Second, Body Last” Ipecac Recordings IPC 61, CD, 2005

—-This album, these lyrics, the musicianship, however the hell they make 10 minutes sound like 30 is beyond me, a classic.

A. F. Jones “Four Dot Three To One” Kendra Steiner Editions #369, CDr, 2017

—-Another absolutely gorgeous and meditative release by this west coast phenom, Bellerive could refer to several places on the map, but by the sounds of it, it appears to be channelling the spaces of somewhere outside the realms of the third dimension. Lush bass tones weave a magical web, some textural tones appear at just the right times, awesome dynamic shifts, crescendos and diminuendos, in his own words: ‘Early last year, after we’d discussed a research trip I made to the polar ice cap, Bill Shute asked me about a potential release for Kendra Steiner Editions. It would be focused upon and derived from “water”. The process of recording for and completing this album took quite a bit of time, much of it used for deliberating and narrowing down from the myriad approaches that could be taken. While these recordings will undoubtedly be listened to using normal speakers in air, much of the sounds were different medium, wherein sound behaves and propagates much differently. The sounds of an industrial coastal pile driver, heard in 32°42’N 117°14’W, were recorded simultaneously in air and in water, with sound traveling at different speeds within the two mediums. For each piece I thought similarly about the properties and behaviors of the environments from which the material was captured, and equal consideration was given to the locations. Some locales are featured unedited; “32°59’N 96°50’W” situates the listener within a suburban pond, below a creaky wooden bridge, the wind on surface areas above the water line heard below in natural howls. “Bellerive” is an improvisation with the musicality of a pool’s jets, pumps, filters, and associated water flow, recorded with suspended stereo hydrophones. Listening to 4.3:1 as a sequenced album, there is the intent of musical accompaniment to the natural environment itself, a process of interacting with and responding musically — and, at a most basic level, tonally — to field recordings in situ or in post, as a matter of communing with the temporal. Alan F Jones, San Diego, CA, February 2017 –all material recorded by A.F. Jones, throughout 2016.’ This album really is quite incredible. Also is the cover art, beautifully done in water color by Alexis Negron.
apr11: dreamt that B was still alive, was staying at his house in my old neighborhood (where he didn’t live), with R, and G, and Br, and we were all going down to Austin to play a show, but Br had a headache and decided to stay back, B’s mom was smoking weed with us (highly unlikely), R hit the road and I ended up being alone with G for the ride, G started coming on to me and I was into it, we picked up S on the way, we stopped to eat somewhere and there was a weird Sonic restaurant inside a building and all of a sudden N was there and he was telling me there used to be a stage where the sonic is and that Zanzibar Snails was one of the first groups to perform in the building. Walking back to car and it was night time and some bro was puking.

Read more about archaeological cannibalism and some recent scientific findings in this report!

Monas (Colin Fisher [guitar/sax], Johny DeBlase [bass], Kid Millions [drums]) “Freedom” Monofonus Press / Astral Spirits MF136/AS041, tape, 2017

—-Another great release from the fine folks of Astral Spirits, this time in the form of a jazz trio, there are toned down parts, spastic parts, electronics, shredding, great interactions amongst the players, very badass. I love these song titles too, Side A is ‘Visible Spirits’ and B is ‘Invisible Nature’, so thought provoking in their brevity, i’m interpreting them in much the way Alan Watts describes existence, we aren’t bodies with souls but bodies within a greater soul, the spirit being visually present all around us, and definitely within these sounds, and the invisible nature that is behind and beyond this dreadful physical realm, enjoy the vacation from said realm by using these sounds as means to transcend.

“Live The Dream” Zine by Rachel Weaver

—-Another extremely thought provoking zine, touching on environmental issues, especially forthcoming ones, ‘We’re taking more from our environment than we’re putting back’, a lot of times when people ask me how I’m doing I say that I’m living the dream, or I say that it all seems to have started 13.8242 billion years ago, give or take a couple million years, and somehow I’ve become aware that I live on a horrifying planet filled with pain and misery. Things like art, music, zines, books seem to be the only remedy. This zine has taken my mind off of all sorts of troubling things, it’s helping me see a bigger picture, one that I seem to forget often. ‘I went through this period of darkness. Then the whole thing brightened up, and next thing I remember I was floating through this shaft of light. It was blinding.’ I don’t wanna give away all the surprises. Thank you, Rachel! If the above interests you, Rachel is on instagram as @rachmovesweats Totally suggest trying to get yr hands on these zines!

Terrence Malick’s “Badlands” 1973

—-This is my first time watching anything by Malick, and it was recommended as part of the Loathsome Semen Club’s ongoing list of an insurmountable amount of things to check out, and I love it. The shots are beautiful, the story is crazy and very entertaining, I also can’t help but think of John Wiese’s Sissy Spacek band anytime I see Sissy Spacek the actress, one of my favorite bands.

Steve Roach “Dreamtime Return” Fortune Records, 18055-2, 2xCD, 1988

—-This is a long and very peaceful series of ambient recordings, at times rain-sticks are used, at others didgeridoos, some strings, some keys, and the synth and computer music processing some of these things or just accompanying them at others. The liner notes basically say anything that needs to be said. A fine and relaxing release.

Steve Reich – Kronos Quartet / Pat Metheny “Different Trains / Electric Counterpoint” Elektra Nonesuch 79176-2, CD, 1989
—-This is a very beautiful album, the liner notes explain anything worth knowing, but the way it sounds is just so beautiful and haunting to me, I love everything I’ve ever heard by Reich, an astounding composer.

Sandy Ewen & Henry Kaiser “Lake Monsters” Balance Point Acoustics BPALTD 606, CD, 2015

—-These two accompanying each other is nothing short of astounding, both are well versed musicians that have collaborated with one another on multiple occasions, as well as a plethora of tons of other amazing musicians. Sandy’s textural style is so mesmerizing, the sounds that come from her guitar because of the things she does to it are hard to describe, if it were in a musique concrète setting, one would never guess the source, it very subtly comes across as a string instrument at very close listening, but mostly is a kind of crackle, or swarm of timbre’s, and Henry’s more melodic but at other times noisy style, and them two coming together, I could listen to either of them play all day, all month even, and not grow tired of it. I love this album a lot.
apr10: dreamt I saw Stefan perform this weird performance art set that involved throwing a bunch of foods on the ground, a lot of liquids too, he has a noise table which is uncharacteristic of how he performs in waking life, an old friend L was there, Stefan gave us copies of the album that he recorded for these performance art sets, L is still mad at me and blamed his divorce on another old friend M taking a knife to his wife, said he’s very sad about the whole thing, hole in ground that led to some exalted space, or exclusive club of some kind, or a portal into some far off realm, can’t remember exactly what was going on in there, but I remember that this girl I was with couldn’t go for some reason, didn’t have some special qualification or something, There was water going thru the tunnel and I had my backpack on with my laptop in it and I was worried it would get fried but someone who led me into it assured me that nothing would be ruined and I would be dry on the other side, at some other point I was watering mud outside of a trailer home in order to spy on the people inside and they came outside and I told them a neighbor paid me to water the mud, the man had a fake mustache that came off while he was yelling at me. At some other point I was in a room with a ridiculous sound system and I was trying to show some people Behold…The Arctopus but couldn’t get the EQ to sound right.

Excerpts and ordering information for Catriel Nievas and Joe Wheeler’s debut on Marginal Frequency

Catriel Nievas / Joe Wheeler “balance” Marginal Frequency MFCS D, tape, 2017

—-Another fabulous release by Marginal Frequency, a fairly young but already quite powerful label, specializing in very rich and diverse forms of outré sound arts, in this instance we have a lot of sculpted field recordings weaving in and out of one another, some very sick transitions, it’s difficult to tell what is being electronically manipulated and what isn’t, but its strength is in the atmospheres created by these various sources, and there is a feel of purposeful composition amongst these pieces, some droning with textures of various field recordings buried underneath as well as some that present themselves above, at times very obvious field recordings of obscured talking in groups and sometimes discernible talking, birds chirping, machinery working, busy streets, all sorts of identifiable things as well as the unidentifiable. An amazing release!

Young Woman in an Evening Dress with Hydrangeas, Jules Machard, 1896, featured on the 6th and final disc chosen by The Ebony Tower for Swann’s Way, the first of seven books, 36 discs left to go, and on the case housing the 6 discs of Swann’s Way, are featured on the outer cover: Lost Illusions (Le Sur), Charles Gleyre, 1843, and on the inner cover: The Sacrifice of Abraham, Carlo Lasinio, c. 1806

Apr7: Dreamt I was going to pick up friends to go see John Duncan in Dallas, and first was at some country club where Melvins were playing, and was unaware they were gonna play at all. Suddenly, I was unable to move my leg very well, it was super hard to walk, i kept falling down and trying real hard to get back up, we found my car and another friend’s car and not everyone who wanted to tag along could fit so some people were upset. We got to the club in Dallas, and I noticed some huge cysts on my leg that were exuding pus, and that explained why it was so difficult to walk, i tried to find an emergency room and was suddenly on my own, at some other point I was in my Mom and Dad’s old room with a bunch of annoying kids watching some terrible movie with Michael Jordan in it, and in the bed I was in was my old friend’s chihuahua, who kept biting at me when I was just trying to pet it. It was there that I first noticed the cysts I think, i tried to walk to the living room and tell my mom i needed to go to the emergency room, and asked her if she’d see which hospitals nearby accept VA healthcare, at some other point we were asking some people at a hospital where the ER is, and all the sudden I was alone and couldn’t walk, and fell down, and people came to look at me, and a nurse said this sort of thing happens to calfs and they amputate their legs. she asked me how i felt about having my leg amputated. at some other point all the nurses went away and I was looking for them, and asked this big muscular dude to help me walk and he gave me a shoulder to lean on while we tried to find the nurses again. I showed him the cysts on my thighs and he was sympathetic. At some other point I was with some people that were really into some duo Ginger and Sporty Spice just formed, I left where they were and ended up being pursued by these evil creatures that looked like people everywhere except the face, where their faces were flat and had these big porous openings with what looked like shiny blackish stones embedded in them, they looked sort of like Hematite, that could shine light out and when they did this to other people it would transform them into one of them, and for whatever reason I appropriated some of the same things one used in movies to get rid of vampires, garlic, to try and kill them, and of course it didn’t work, I just kept running and trying to find places to hide and they kept finding me, there was a big boss like one, it had numerous hands stretching out of the porous openings in its flat face, and before the hands it was very long, 50 feet or more, people were shooting at it with automatic rifles, and it wasn’t doing anything, somehow pepperspray killled it.

Arca “S/T” XL Recordings XLCD834, 2017

—-This one moves in a somewhat different direction from any of Arca’s previous releases, in that it features Arca doing a lot of mostly clean singing, sometimes subtly effected with electronics, while retaining a lot of what Arca is known for with the avant-dance-electronic beats and ambience, and modulated field recordings, and overall it is an extremely beautiful release, since getting it in the mail yesterday, I’ve taken it in three times. I feel that Arca does no wrong, there isn’t a single moment of anything I’ve heard I didn’t love.

Pete Von Petrin “Smoke & Mirrors” self released, CD, 2011

—-This is one of my favorite noisy ambient releases from the last decade, it has a sense of composition to it, lots of stereo panning, synths mixed with processed acoustic sounds, it sounds like anyways, subtle harsher static sections weave in and out of droning bass ambience, quite beautiful, and each time I come back to it, about once a year or less, I’m reminded of how good it is. Such a treat.

Ahlzagailzehguh “Trashed” Skeleton Dust Recordings (originally released in 2006 on Chondritic Sound, as just side A, and side B is a remix of side A done in 2016), SDR049, tape, 2017

—-This tape is fucking devastating, super gnarly cut up harsh noise by one of the greatest racket makers of all time, just relentless hyper brutality, this is having explosions go off around you where time is slowed down, and all the chaos is unfolding regardless of your dumbfounded disbelief, the threat is all around you, good luck getting out of this mess.

Mario Diaz de León “Enter Houses Of” Tzadik TZ 8065, CD, 2009

—-As I’ve mentioned in previous updates, I am a huge fan of MDdL, I feel he never does any wrong, and a lot of his stuff is starkly different from album to album. Here he has teamed up with Claire Chase and Eric Lamb on alto flutes, Nathan Davis and Dave Schotzko on percussion, Joshua Rubin on clarinet, Wendy Richman and Glenda Goodman on violas, Adam Friedberg and Kivie Cahn-Lipman on cellos, Justine E. Chen and Michi Wiancko on violins, Jacob Greenberg on piano, and the results are nothing short of brilliant. The mixture of León’s electronics with the aforementioned skills of the various instrumentalists create a hallucinatory environment that had a lot of weird peaks and valleys, at times serene and others psychotic, the sum is greater than its parts throughout, one of my favorite Tzadik releases, not that I haven’t heard anything on Tzadik I didn’t love. One of my favorite labels.

Hinyouki / Henry C. Rial split “Fukibinran / Disc Is One Half” Smell The Stench Tapes, CDr, 33/50, 2013

—-Henry aka Henry Mallard has been killing it since he was 12, if my memory serves me correctly, a young and very talented lad hailing from Pittsburgh, and Hinyouki is a project that has thoroughly impressed me on everything I could get by them, hailing from Spain, and this label is out of Australia, and this is my introduction to anything on that label. Quality harsh/synth/distortion pieces!

Asva “Presences of Absences” Important Records IMPREC279, CD, 2011

—-Asva has made some of my favorite music hands down, and this might be my favorite Asva album, though I don’t like playing favorites, but with G. Stuart Dahlquist and another one of my favorite musicians/composers Toby Driver came together for this, with the help of Jake Weller and Gregory Gilmore, nothing short of one of the most gorgeous and heavy albums of all time ensued, GSD’s organ tones, bass tones, with Toby’s beautiful vocals, uplifting drum parts, this constant push and pull that is the perfect soundtrack to the heaviness that being a part of this existence brings, there really is no other album like this one, very unique and masterful ritual grief/life doom that has helped me through many low periods of my life. All hail. ‘I have dreams that come true.’

Mr Brain Sander “Busting Open” Chaotic Underworld CU32, bandcamp

—-‘It gets much worse, trust me, you need to know all of this’ Bryan Lewis Saunders says in a track about psychotic codependency and delusions between a virgin roommate and this girl described as ‘a match made in white trash heaven’. Pigfucking rape stories, bodies decomposing and busting open, kids kicking a mentally handicapped kid repeatedly in the head, an HIV positive man fucking anyone who would fuck him, and not being forgiven by a priest who took him in the woods and nearly beat him to death with a baseball bat, a mentally ill Vietnam veteran nicknamed Wingnut, all in collaboration with an array of experimental sound artists, Mannequin Hollowcaust, Killbot, Love,-Execution Style, Radio vs. Static, Lucid Nightmare Paradise, Bipolar Joe, Brother Fyodor, and M. Peck. An extremely harrowing look into the horrors of a few lives who existe(d) on this planet.

John Zorn “Rituals” Tzadik TZ 8011, CD, 2005

—-Here we have Zorn team up with bassist Kurt Muroki, Peter Kolkay on bassoon and contrabassoon, Fred Sherry on cello, Mike Lowenstern on clarinet, bass clarinet and Eb clarinet, Tara O’Connor on flute, alto flute and piccolo flute, Percussion [Wind Machines, Water, Bull Roarers, Grave Digging, Fishing Reels, Paper, Bowls Of Bb’s, Bird Calls] by Jim Pugliese and William Winant, Stephen Drury on piano, harpsichord, celesta and organ, Jim Pugh on trombone, Jennifer Choi on violin, and Heather Gardner doing vocals, conducted by Brad Lubman, and what ensues is a very strange and definitely ritualistic sounding composition, absolutely masterful. Zorn is a total maestro!
Apr 6: was in a room trying to use a light and it didn’t work, and I snapped the pull string and the fan slowed down and it was storming outside, and I started to sense an evil presence and then i slowly started losing all my motor functions, and was being pressed face first into the carpet, and I was saying help over and over as loud as i could which was not very loud, and then i felt its feet stand next to my hand and was very scared, i called it a piece of shit and it stood on my head and made this grotesque snarling sound. After I woke up from this dream and went back to sleep, I dreamt that i was sitting at a table with an old friend, SL, and i was telling him that i want to kill myself and was trying to say my goodbyes. At some other point i was taking part in a race. At another point I received news that the fraternal triplet my sister was going to have had miscarried; leaving the twins, but then it was revealed to me that it wasn’t actually a miscarry and that she had aborted just that baby by herself somehow.

(okay, so, weirded-out alert, just received a call from my mom, 6 days after this dream, and one of my sister’s babies miscarried, but it wasn’t the fraternal one, it was one of the identical twins. I realize it’s most likely a coincidence, but I also realize some would argue that there are no coincidences, and it’s just so strange that I would dream this and then something very similar would occur soon after)

Kazumoto Endo and Kazuma Kubota “Switches and Knobs” Phage Tapes PT:133, CD, 2011

—-Endo aka Killer Bug, and Kubota aka Bloody Letter/Cecilia/Cracked Mirror have both been making very amazing harsh noise for quite a while, and together they’re astounding, great start/stop harsh noise, moments of silence, and hard blasts of feedback and distortion, a seemingly endless array of tones, and on an amazing label, fucking awesome.

Sunn O))) and Boris “Altar” Southern Lord sunn62, CD, 2006

—-One of my favorite ‘metal’ albums, by two of my favorite ‘metal’ bands.

Aunt’s Analog “Inverted Dao In Mystic Void” Instincto Records INO-115, CD, 2016

—-Texas’ Aunt’s Analog has been making a disgusting racket for quite a while now, and on this is a frenetic assault of feedback and synth grotesqueness that makes good use of stereo field with ear splitting panning, sputtering moments of silence, a sense of composition, with subtle build ups and various changes throughout, fucking bad ass harsh noise. This release isn’t on bandcamp or youtube, but it will be worth your while checking out anything you can find by Aunt’s Analog if you’re even remotely into harsh noise
Apr 6: Dreamt a girl threw grenade at me from under truck but it didn’t go off, she tried again and the third time she tried i felt it explode on my back, some one was stealing my drumsticks, someone else tried stealing my pillows but i told him to get them from the nurses, someone told me my DNA matched someone else’s in the building i was in named Felipe Lopez, working on album with Brad, exported files as PAL extensions, was hanging with Daveed from Clipping and an old friend C, and we accidentally left C at the mall and had to drive back after him, by the time we got there he had gotten a ride with someone else

Phauss / Karkowski / Bilting split on Silent Records SR9217, CD, 1992

—-The first three track are collaborative efforts by Zbigniew Karkowski and Ulf Bilting, the fourth is by the project Phauss, a duo consisting of Carl Michael Von Hausswolff and Erik Pauser, and the last track is a solo recording by Karkowski. Everything I’ve ever heard by Karkowski has blown me away. Every piece on this album is astounding, and masterfully crafted.

Bonesfield / Facialmess “Sabotage” Phage Tapes PT:130, tape, 2010

—-The Bonesfield side of this split is my introduction to the project, and immediately following a sample of a NASA mission control countdown it blasts into mutilated harsh cut-up/filter/glitch territory, tons of varieties of harsh tones going on, slamming down, spazzing out, a fucking war zone. This is one of the few harsh projects that doesn’t seem to have a very prolific output. Discogs only shows 7 releases spanning from 2005 to 2011. I plan on checking more of Bonesfield’s work out. I’m thoroughly impressed with their side of the split. I’ve been following the work of Facialmess for several years now, and his work is always so good. Great use of samples, silence, reverb, drones, rhythm, and all the ultra-ear splitting harsh textures just pummeling one into submission, frozen by the horrors one is presented with, sound induced paralysis. So fucking good. Packaging masterfully designed by Alonso Urbanos

A.F. Jones and Steve Flato “Aggressive Indifference” CDr, 2016

—-I love everything I’ve heard by these two, and in this instance of them coming together, we have a guitar centered duo, drenched in electronics, there’s also a lap steel and samples, it has elements of ambient music, some dark and some bright, tasteful string manipulations, scratchings, scrapings, very texturally rich, a very dense atmosphere that still has breathing room, by dense I mean that there is a lot of subtle things going on in this that only seem to reveal themselves when other things go away, as if this amorphous soundscape is revealing pieces of its illusion only to masquerade others afterwards, constantly shifting, great use of stereo field, tone and color, overall it’s quite incredible!

Moss “Sub Templum” Rise Above RISECD108, 2008

—-After almost 10 years, this album still crushes. One of my favorite doom metal albums. Artwork by Roisin Dunne.

(the) Melvins “(A) Senile Animal” Ipecac Recordings, IPC-82, CD, 2006

—-“She told me i’m insane because she doesn’t lie”

Ween “quebec” Sanctuary 06076-84591-2, CD, 2003

—-“it’s only man’s fear that carries him on…”

Filth “The House of Concrete Faces” Phage Tapes PT:237, CD, 2017

—-Rob Buttrum is such an angel, and I am lucky to consider him a friend, he’s done so much for the North Texas experimental/freak scene for over a decade now, originally hailing from Baltimore, constantly hosting shows for some of the world’s most amazing noise/industrial/experimental acts, he’s a huge supporter of the arts, runs a label called Out-Of-Body Records, I don’t hold many people in my life to such a high regard as I do Rob, he rules, his music rules, and he’s ultra friendly and always a warm person to be around. This album is fucking awesome. Artwork by Rob himself!

The Night Watch, Rembrandt (Harmensz.) van Rijn, 1642, the artwork for the 5th disc of Swann’s Way, in The Ebony Tower HNW Boxset

Kurt Vonnegut’s “Breakfast of Champions” novel, 1973

—-I’ve read quite a few books by Vonnegut, but only recently realized that there are still so many I haven’t read. I thoroughly enjoyed this one, to the point that I finished it in two days. Such a great writer/thinker!

Demandite “Drilling The Sun / Temperature Limits” self released recycled tape, 2017

—-” ‘Demandite’ is the word used by mineral economists to describe the materials that must be provided– usually by mining– to meet the needs of civilization.” I recently got a care package in from some of the coolest Denton weirdos that I know, Rachel Weaver and Randall Minick, and included in it was this tape by one of the projects Randall is in with Jarrod Estes called Demandite. I saw them perform a great set once at a bike shop in Denton called Querencia, as part of the 2016 Denton International Noise Conference. This tape is really great. It’s very texturally and colorfully rich, Randall is no stranger to synth-worship and whatever kind of magic(k) these two are weaving with synths, and possibly field recordings and what sounds like an endless array of electronic manipulation is fucking great. Lots of techniques are employed throughout, including melodic lines that are beautifully executed, something that is rare in stuff that is also as noisy as this. It was recorded over some christian tape, so when this cuts in at the end it creates a very odd atmosphere by contrast, and quite comical, as the bible is nothing but balderdash.

“Know It All. For Future Reference” zine by Rachel Weaver

—-I’m not entirely sure that what I put above is actually the name of the zine. This too was part of the previously mentioned care package, it really means a lot!! I also am not sharing the whole thing here, because if you like what you see, you oughta get in touch with the artist and get your hands on these zines to check the rest out. Lot’s of awesome things going on in this one. Plenty of thought-provoking cut up word play going on, not sure how much of it is found and how much might be original, lots of awesome imagery going on, references to entropy, attacking butterflies, sentient grass, our (most likely) inevitable environmental conditions become uninhabitable by humans, nutrition, psychic abilities, star stuff, and much more.

Dario Argento’s “The Bird With The Crystal Plumage” score by Ennio Morricone, film, 1970

—-Another installment of the Loathsome Semen Club’s insurmountable list of things to take in, with another awesome film by Argento, very awesome murder mystery film with a great soundtrack.

Jason Lescalleet and Greg Kelley “Forlorn Green” Erstwhile 019, CD, 2001

—-Amazing label, amazing pair of sound magic(k)ians, ultra deep explorations, lots of peaks and valleys, gorgeous array of tones, nothing short of incredible. As anyone who has been following me up to this point has maybe noticed, I am quite obsessed with both of these amazing artists, and I recommend that anyone into some of the furthest reaches of outré sound art check as much stuff out by them as you can put your hands on. Front cover painting by Audrey Lescalleet.

St. Francis Duo (Stephen O’Malley and Steve Noble) “Peacemaker Assembly” Trost TR, CD, 2014

—-I love both of these musicians a lot, and the fact they came together as a duo is nothing short of a dream come true. This album is really great. Cover art by Peter Brötzmann.

Burmese / Fistula split CD, Crucial Blast CBR38, 2004

—-This album is ugly and angry as fuck, makes me feel less alone. Solidarity in nihilism/misanthropy feels.

Pivixki (Anthony Pateras and Max Kohane) “Gravissima” Lexicon Devil, LEXDEV030, CD, 2010

—-I really love everything I’ve heard Anthony Pateras do, and it’s all quite different, from his compositions released on Tzadik, to collabs with Robin Fox, to Thymolphthalein, the avant-hop masterpiece by Beta Erko called ‘I’m okay you’re okay’, and I’m sure I’m forgetting a lot, to this, a real fucking thrasher of an album, mostly consisting piano and drums, very tasteful interludes and layerings of electronics, played at times break neck speeds that suffocate you and at other times there is breathing room, and it all makes me want to smash shit that’s around me. It’s bad ass.
4 apr: old friend came over and wanted to burn CDs, got to where we were making out, my mom showed up and said someone escaped the psycho ward and is wanted for murder, my dead dad appeared, so did my cousin and a very old friend I haven’t thought about since high school with his younger brother and mom and it seemed like one of their relatives was the escaped mental patient, but i couldn’t get any clear answers out of anyone as to what was going on, slinging cleaning supplies around a kitchen and sliding on my feet, watched a man stab a woman to death by stabbing repeatedly in the face and chest and was completely unrecognizable by the time it was over, just a bleeding meat heap from the waist line up, riding in pick up truck with old boss to some country song i knew the words to but can’t recall, driving through fences

Requiem “Recluse” req005a, CD, 2002

—-Requiem, aka David Graham, is a project that seems mainly focused with very dark themes, and he’s been at it for over two decades. Everything I’ve heard by him is masterfully crafted, and a lot of it can be quite different from album to album, guitar drones, dark industrial, noise, dark ambient, rhythmic and arrhythmic sections, vocal passages as well as instrumental ones. It’s music as dark as this that helps me not feel quite so alone in this existence.


Squarepusher “Hard Normal Daddy”, CD, 1997

—-I love everything Squarepusher has done.

Jack Wright and Ben Wright “As If Anything Could Be The Same” Relative Pitch Records RPR 1017, CD, 2014

—-Jack Wright is a mostly nomadic, enigmatic, and legendary sax player, and his son also happens to follow in the free playing footsteps of his father, and when they come together on this recording, nothing short of magic(k) occurs. I love the way Jack talks about this in the liner notes pictured above. I have become very fond of recordings involving either of these two for several years now, but I feel I have only touched the surface as they are quite prolific and my funds are tight. However, everything I have heard involving either of them is improvised, was gonna say gold here, but I’m quite tired of the ongoing and often murderous cliché of equating gold to value. This album is really fucking good.
3 Apr: Dreamt I was in a bar, sitting with strangers, went to the restroom, then was going to load up equipment, and my friend M got a ride with another friend R and said they were gonna meet up with me to help me load gear, at some other point I was in a rough neighborhood going to get dental work done, at some other point I was feeling extremely down and was telling a friend that I wanted to kill myself, at some other point an ex was trying to help me load gear, was having a discussion with someone else about how expensive vinyl is, and upkeep involved, at one point had my gear loaded into a van with middle easterners who were supposed to help me unload it somewhere but after they left I never saw them again and got really sad that all that I care about was gone

Hiroshi Teshigahara’s “The Face Of Another” score by Tōru Takemitsu, film, 1967
—-As the ongoing insurmountable list piles up within the exclusive Loathsome Semen Club, we’ve tackled this movie. It’s pretty incredible, and toys with a lot of the philosophical problems when it comes to identity, as they arise from things such as inferiority complexes, what we would do if we could get away with it, how we treat others based on appearances, various degrees of intellect, and much more. The shots are also very well executed, and the acting is superb. I’ve been a big fan of Tōru Takemitsu for years now, so finding out he did the soundtrack to this was an added bonus for me. Love it a lot.

8 thoughts on “April 13th, 2017

  1. I really like all of the commentary you write about musicians and the narratives about your dreams… I think it would be great if you wrote narratives on your photos on Instagram. I know a lot of people who do that, and it’s a really good way of getting your feelings though and also I’ve made a lot of friends that way on Instagram and of course they are all artists. Because I’ve often wondered what you’re really doing with your Instagram page and I see now that it is an extension of this and I would have a lot of fun with it if you included any of this because this is really great. -crickle

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you!! Well, I’ve been trying to include little bits of info on instagram, tags incase anyone searches certain artists, sometimes pieces of my thoughts, but it’s really more that this is an extension of instagram, I would really dread typing all of this out on my phone, so I log what I’m taking in there, and then go to a coffee shop and write everything out on my laptop, include youtube vids or bandcamp links so it’s easy to check something out if you dig what I’ve said about it, or think it might appeal to you, so that’s kinda why I don’t write much on ig, but I think I might try to write a sentence or two about things from now on over there. I really appreciate your kind words!

      Liked by 1 person

      • You have an interesting perspective and you should perpetuate it. You are but I just try to do it on every platform. Because barely anyone reads my blog for some reason… and I don’t click on a lot of external links if I’m just hanging out on the internet so to speak. But Instagram one day I realized I could use it like a diary and I was for a while because I was all fucked up over the winter from PTSD and now I have no idea what’s going on with my Instagram because I’m a writer but I have no computer. And I’m not very happy with my life readings lately and my video program for effects and stuff like that. So it’s hard to feel like I’m affecting it people and that’s what I want to feel like. I mean I want to have people feel like they are connected. I have no idea that makes sense I think it does.


      • As convenient as technology can be, my app sure is crashing everytime I try to write a thoughtful reply to this. A lot of folks will not step outside of a 10 square foot bubble of self centered interest. Try not to be discouraged that no one reads your blog. Most people don’t read, in general. Most people are also into things like Nickelback. I can relate in regards to PTSD, but I am more or less failing my own battle with it, in most aspects of my life, like, I’m currently in a psychiatric hospital for it, in the VA, and I have no home to go to once this is over. I don’t want to compare belly aches. I just would like to help, but can honestly barely help myself. I think most artists are their own harshest critics as well. The only advice I am wanting to give, which, I am aware isn’t worth much, is that do what gives you as much of a sense of peace as you can, however difficult that may be. Mostly, that’s all I am doing with this blog. These are things that help me, with all of the mental things I have going on. Connection is something I think most people are grasping at straws over. It’s super tough to feel okay in this existence. I basically don’t. Sorry if this is unhelpful, I am just not sure what to say about much of anything in general, it just seems like we all have different things that resonate with us and even if one person comes along and finds one thing in this blog or your blog and it helps them feel less alone then that is actually doing something good. As a species we’re going to make the earth uninhabitable by humans not very long from now, and none of this will matter then. But if it helps someone in the meantime, and even if it doesn’t, fuck it, all we can do is try.

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