April 3rd, 2017

Ydwoh dear readers,

Here is another installment where I run the gamut of all the things that helped me cope with this mess since my last update on the 23rd of March. Also, I dedicated a piece of pretty ambient music to my best friends and satellite family, the Golub family, whom I love very dearly, embed below.  Also, my good friend Jason Evil drew me some super flattering drawings that have warmed my dark heart, thank you so much Mr. Evil!!!! (Including a formatted version of one for the header, and unedited versions below)

And now with other people’s art that I deeply admire!

The Young Mothers “A Mother’s Work Is Never Done” Tektite Records Co.Operative TR03CD, 2014

—-I am very fortunate to be friends with one of the drummers on this album, Stefan Gonzalez, who makes a plethora of great music by himself as Orgullo Primitivo, with his brother, Aaron Gonzalez as Akkolyte, both of them and their dad, Dennis Gonzalez, as Yells At Eels, both of them with Gregg Prickett as Unconcscious Collective, a duo with Lauren Belmore as Mother II, and I am probably forgetting something and I’m sorry about that. Here he is teamed up with Ingebrigt Håker Flaten, Jason Jackson, Frank Rosaly, Jonathan F. Horne, Ralph White, Bob Hoffnar, Mars Williams, Carl Smith, Alex Heitlinge, John Elliot, and Jawwaad Taylor, and what comes of it is an impossible to pigeonhole genre-bending and morphing slab of things like free improv, hip hop, metal, and all sorts of interesting things within and without those things. Amazing album!

Portal “Swarth” Profound Lore PFL050, CD, 2009

—-First off, I’ve been in love with Portal since I first heard them 8 or 9 years ago. Shamefully, that love has come from their sounds alone, and up until now I haven’t dived very far into their lyrics. I was lucky enough to catch them live a couple of years ago. They are easily one of the heaviest/headiest metal bands. Their lyrics though!! ‘Ubiquitaint of The Bellows’, so, they are playing with etymology in very interesting ways, inventing words that are so creative that it’s impossible not to commend them for it. Ubiquitaint isn’t found in the dictionary, but etymologically it would be a combination of ubiquitous and taint, or a bad and undesirably quality found everywhere or some variant thereof. ‘Phagapoeic Recursive’, again with phagapoeic being a clever etymological play upon something along the lines of ever-consuming, (phaga) being eaters, (poeic) being makers, and recursion being a repetition, so ever-consuming is how I am interpreting that one. ‘Hemorosphere Smothre The Othre’ goes a little further by pulling words like ‘smother’ and ‘other’ back into a more antiquated or perhaps proper form (modern forms of this occur between amerikkkans and English speaking Europeans, theater vs theatre for one instance), while ‘hemorosphere’ is another etymological play I’m interpreting as blood-sphere. Even the lines of lyrics that don’t play on things etymologically are fairly ambiguous and can be interpreted in many ways. ‘Oust the candent’, perhaps means expel the heat, possibly a reference to thermodynamics and entropy, constant energy transfers leading to an eventual loss of energy, loss of existence. I realize I’m stretching this quite a bit, and I am saying more about myself than I am taking an actual stance on trying to objectively declare what these lyrics mean. I’ve also only covered the first track. Anyone can google a word and its etymology, so it’s not like I’m even pulling this just out of my own thoughts. Up above are the pictures of how the lyrics are printed in the booklet. Do your own research, come to your own conclusions, and let Portal destroy your sense of being and consume you, for your swarth.

Death Grips “The Money Store”, CD, 2012

—-I’m quite in love with Death Grips, and moreover with a lot of what Zach Hill does in general. The production is fantastic, MC Ride’s lyrics are also fantastic. How many MC’s reference Abraxas in their rhymes, really? ’25-8′, ‘suicide lane fuck you’ ‘whats it cost to lose your head’ ‘wastin my life in altered states’ ‘by any means necesserated’ ‘fuck a job might have to rob’ ‘how ta take it how ta give a fuck how ta live wit pain how ta get yo cut’ ‘its such a long way down’ ‘way shit goes it’ll be just find’ ‘unconscious molotov’ ‘sadomaso-kiss my fist’ ‘post chicken or the egg addiction shit’ ‘visit Tesla’s grave for the ninth time today’ ‘you’ll catch a jpeg to the head’

Imperial Triumphant “Abyssal Gods” Aural Music, code666 CODE101, CD, 2015

—-This album is fucking amazing. Some of the best ‘black metal’ that I know about. The instrumentation is superb, the vocals are mixed well and diverse, there is a grand sense of composition in these pieces that build to epic heights, every moment seems very well thought out. I wish I could find complete lyrics for it, but for now, the music will speak for itself in all its intense and disgruntled glory.

Igor Amokian “Retransmit / High Speed Kaos Data” Infra Ediciones infratape007, 2016, limited/numbered 19/24.

—-Igor Amokian is someone I’ve admired for several years now, real name Chris Holland, a bad ass dude out of california that makes all sorts of circuit bent gadgets that make all sorts of crazy sounds and visuals. His work is mostly beat driven, but also goes into places of all out noise insanity, sci-fi type atmospheres, and other really cool things. This tape is bad ass, it really deserves a repress, or maybe not, it comes with a lot of awesome drawings on different pieces of paper that seem to form a couple large drawings, but if they all do connect somehow I couldn’t figure it out, and it’s all housed in a spray-painted brown paper bag. DIY at some of its most bad ass.

David Birchall / Rogier Smal / Colin Webster “Drop Out” Monofonus Press / Astral Spirits MF137/AS042, tape, 2017

—-This is yet another ultra-solid slab of wünder from the fine folks at AS, in the form of a drums/sax/guitar trio. Lot’s of blasting, and even toned down outré sections. Superb. The only name I recognized was Rogier Smal, and how I remembered it is beyond me, because the only other thing I own with him on it is an Alrealon compilation. After hearing this, I definitely want to hear more by them.

Dysrhythmia “The Veil of Control” Profound Lore Records PFL-172.5, 1×12″ clear 33 1/3rpm, 2016

I’ve been following projects including Colin Marston for years, which led me to discover Kevin Hufnagel’s gift to the emotive tech-realms that is Dysrhythmia, always upping their game, but having released amazing albums for years now, it’s not a surprise for me to thoroughly enjoy this. To me this is some of the best guitar/bass/drums music out there.

David M. Paganin “Pointless Orbits” Earsheltering 085, web-release, 2016

—-“[DMP] lives in West Footscray, Melbourne, Australia. He strives for emotive and genuinely innovative experimental sounds. It is important to him to create his own sound, which respects and mutates his influences without being overwhelmed by their genius. Besides making music, his major interests are physics research, literature, psychology and gardening.” Throughout the last few years, I’ve corresponded with DMP a few occasions, and slowly came to realize that he’s putting out some rather amazing compositions through his soundcloud, and now with this web release. Very awesome electro-acoustic/industrial-esque/noise/spoken-word/concrète tracks on this one, and not to mention that he’s brilliant, working in some advanced fields of science, and on his soundcloud he specifically annotates certain influences for different pieces that are all so well thought out and interesting. If I had any money I’d be trying to release something by him on Void Castle. You can read about the truly horrific nightmare in Nauru, as referenced by one track title: Here. There’s an homage to the late, great Delia Derbyshire, pioneering electronic and musique concréte artist. These are two notable examples of influences behind his work, I recommend checking out his soundcloud as well, and reading about the different tracks and the things that influenced them.

Pocahaunted with Bobb Bruno and Cameron Stallones “Passage” Troubleman Unlimited, 1×12″ 45rpm, 2009

—-This was given to me by my friend Steve, thank you! It’s a rather calm, and peaceful sounding album. Some mix between soft drones and ambiences, with snail crawl ritualistic drums, and singing that’s at the center, and is much closer to the easier listening side of the spectrum than maybe anything else I’ve written about in this blog. It’s nice.

Jeph Jerman & Tim Barnes “Karst” Monofonus Press / Astral Spirits MF135/AS040, tape, 2017

—-Jeph Jerman is a familiar entity for me, but I’m not sure I’ve heard anything by Barnes previous to this. I will be changing that. What seems to be going on are field recordings, possibly electronically manipulated, shuffling and scraping, forward thinking electro-acoustic meditations for meditation, weirdo-scapes for shut-ins, really awesome stuff from a really awesome label, and awesome sound sculptors/mesmerizers.

Aldous Huxley’s “Brave New World”, novel, 1931

—-This book is extremely well written. Another where I had to put my pen away, because I felt like underlining so much of it. Highly recommended reading.

“Jam” by Chris Morris and friends

—-My good friends Nathan and Randa turned me on to ‘The Day Today’ last fall, and ever since I’ve been taking in as much of Morris’ work as I can find, as it is all very dark and very hilarious. For fans of things like PFFR, Tim and Eric, and Randy Prozac.

Luminous Vault “Charismata” Profound Lore PFL-178, 1×12″ 45rpm, 2017

—-I’ve been following the works of Mario Diaz de León as closely as my income has allowed me, and I don’t think I’ve missed many releases, here he collaborates with Artificial Brain’s Samuel Smith, between his project Oneirogen, an album on Tzadik under his name, his trio with Toby Driver and Jeremiah Cymerman: Bloodmist, those two also being composers I follow as closely as I can, I think it’s safe to say I am obsessed with their works. This album is a very kick ass sludge-esque, industrial metal album with a definite León feel to it, it’s fucking awesome. A really great album within the umbrella of metal in some special hyper-niche that I fucking love a lot. ‘in the deep of what is to come…birth is torment…in the inner prison the dead surround me, an unending void…eternal war of transformation…with the flame of the mind…and breathe eternally as living steel.’

liquefying cerebral hemispheres with nano-molecular sentient beings “discography vol. 1” Third Eye Grind Records TEG010, CDr, 2012

—-I think these track titles do a pretty self explanatory description of the sounds. Machinations Of Divine Dementia – Redemption Efforts Led In Reconnaissance Warfare Neglecting The Obvious Pandemic Inducing Foreboding Over The Peasants As They Slave Incredulously Harvesting The Bounty Of Which There Gluttonous Insolent Swine Innards Will Soon Digest, Dissolve And Flatulently Release As Diarrheal Pestilence Upon The Masses To Ultimately Fertilize The Floundering Field Of Rock To One Day Create A Garden Of Erroneously Cultivated Life. Act 1 – The Elders Speak (Extended White Noise Mix), Chapter 28: Disassembled And Sold For Scrap; Mother Earth Is Left Tattered; Children Orphaned; The Last Shreds Of Hope Die With The Dusks Fading Light; A Drop Of Rain Falls From The Darkened Skies…But You Cannot Save That Which Has Been Damned Since Before It’s Inception…Finality, Drugged And Used For An Incestuous Release Of Filth And Deprivation Leading To Down Syndrome, High School Dropouts, Alcohol Abuse And Sever Down Syndrome Part 3: Aiding The Aids In Curing Disgust, Chapter 31: Feedback Drones As The Villagers Are Forever Silenced By The Life Giving Substance The Craved; Sustinant Deficiency; The Rains Fall; Everyone Drowns; Resurrected, Amidst The Mist And Morning Dew The Dry Earth, Cracked From Drought Began To Tremble, Slightly At First Then A Full Blown Quake Shook The Earthscape And As Dead And Dying Trees Toppled Over, Animals Scurried, Some Escaping Some Crushed Under The Sheer Weight Of Their Own Fear And Terror. Some Crushed By Ancient Trees. One Single Wood Arose From The Lands Barren Womb. Life Regeneration. Act 2: Threat Level Elevates, Meticulous Deconstruction Of Post Mortem Spirituality Part 7 The Council Of The Elders Has Befallen The Fates Of He Who Is Known Are The All Knowing And All Seeing Leaving Behind Only Smoldering Embers And Infinite Tomes Of Indecipherable And Archaic Knowledge. The noise is all very tastefully executed, some static drones and HNW-esque sections, stark contrasting transitions, feedback mania, some quieter creeping and crawling sections, bass worship, pretty bad ass!

KTL “V” Editions Mego 120, CD, 2012

—-Peter Rehberg, manager of Editions Mego, an outstanding label, and Stephen O’Malley, do I really have to say any more? Super duper gorgeous release. The first four pieces are drone/ambient-scapes, while the fifth and final piece, seems to include two personalities talking, though there are moments where it starts going back and forth from the seeming separate personalities in a transitional manner, so it could be a split personality, schizophrenic thing going on, the words seem to be all in French, and one of the personalities is heard whimpering as if in pain, while the other is much more malignant sounding.

Model For Assembl “Vivisection” Pennsylvanian Hypnocenter PHC061, CD, 2016

—-Ultra relentless synth/field recording harsh cut-up attack, very brutal, very amazing, on my friend Henry’s always amazing label!

Snuff American Style SAS-001, tape, 2011

—-My friend Brad Santulli is one of the best artists that folks outside of North Texas don’t know about, yet. It’s such a shame how many artists don’t get the recognition they deserve. It’s pretty hard to describe these works, plunderphonics meets exposed tortured soul, strange musique concrète style editing, sudden and unexpected transitions, beat driven parts, overall the atmosphere is very dark and very weird and that’s why I love what Brad does so much. Even if I never collaborated with or lived with or met Brad I would find these stand alone compositions very compelling.

Disc 4: Portrait of an Old Man and a Young Boy, Domenico Ghirlandaio, 1490, the 4th 6th of ‘Swann’s Way’ by Marcel Proust, HNW by The Ebony Tower

—-Still can’t really get enough of this, I’m finding it more and more compelling as I go along. Still learning new words, and having affirmations on different philosophical views, as well as enjoying the various tales described therein, and of course, having the HNW provided by The Ebony Tower makes it all the more immersive.

More Eaze / A.F. Jones & Steve Flato split on Monofonus Press/Astral Spirits MF134/AS039, tape, 2017

—-More Eaze, aka Marcus Maurice Rubio has become a favorite composer of pieces that keep one guessing, for me, always changing genres or blending them together in unexpected ways, and always delivering these unexpected things in a masterful manner. I’m not even sure how to describe his side on this tape, without referencing some sorta well known genres, but it’s much more than the sum of its parts. There’s driving techno-esque beat driven parts, there’s patient electronic exploration parts, there are grand crescendos and diminuendos, tasteful use of stereo space with panning textures, overall it’s fantastic. On the A.F. Jones and Steve Flato side, two of California’s and the world’s most creative sound artists collide forces. They both have been people I correspond with occasionally, and whose works I deeply admire. What we have here is a pretty dark, musique concrète exploration of who knows how many different sources, a lot of the tones are hard to identify but are very tasteful, and there are lots of weird build ups and clashings and it’s just fucking amazing. Another great tape by great artists on a great label.

GX Jupitter-Larsen, A Week Of Kindness, Richard Ramirez collab “Acognitive Culture” 4iB Records, CD/0915/018, 2015

—-A combined effort with Richard Ramirez producing the final mix. A lot of tasteful, brooding drone going on, that shifts and changes, sometimes subtly and others starkly, blended with junk abuse tones, all very dense and loud, great for some dark meditations, by three of the dark art’s legends!

Anthony Braxton “Composition N.96” Leo Records CD LR 169, 1993

—-What can I say about this that isn’t said in the liner notes, or hasn’t been said by tons of other people about AB in general? I’ve been deeply in love with everything I could get my hands on by him since I discovered him 5 or 6 years ago. I believe the above youtube link is mislabeled, or it is a different recording of the same composition.

Jeff Carey “[3:30]” Forwind FWD10, CD, 2013

—-I’ve been fortunate enough to behold Jeff Carey’s live events more than once, and it really is more of a spectacle than just a performance. He controls noise using a joy stick, but the overall sound, and visual strobing lights that correspond with each change in tone and texture that mutilates in on itself, and tears through the fabric of time and space, is like witnessing psychic warfare and Jeff is our only hope. Even just the aural aspect of his sonic creativity is still super intense, but nothing can really compare to actually seeing him perform, feeling the frequencies and being blinded by disorienting lights and dizzying sounds, fucking awesome stuff. “[3:30] takes its inspiration from that cornerstone of pop music – the three to three and half minute pop song. In his own words Jeff decided to approach this album ‘as an exercise in reduction – the process of packing a maximum amount of musical information into every moment/sound/phrase’. The ferocious and reductionist production angle results in a set of tracks that pull you in and spit you out just as quickly, which in a climate of endless epic track lengths simply adds to the sense of excitement. This is not a mawkish, sentimental piece of work and it will appeal to anyone who doesn’t mind breaking some nails while hanging onto the edges of an electrifying audio vista. It’s a bracing, fizzing and explosive listen which excitedly packs what might have been an hours worth of ideas into its near 22 minutes.”

Samantha Glass “Introducing The Confession” No Rent Records NRR47, tape, 2017

—-Another great release on the NRR roster. This time it’s ultra dreamy pop music, that’s as dense as a brick wall, thick bass lines, beautiful melodies, drenches-in-effects vocals, feeling this lyrics pretty hard, ‘Pleasure is the key, the removal of me’, ‘courage and the will to feel,’ ‘looking through a window with no hope, finding a way through with no help’ and I’ll let the rest be a surprise. Highly recommended if you can grip before it sells out, as most things seem to be doing rather quickly from NRR these days. ‘I would like to write a book which would drive men mad, which would be like an open door leading them where they never have consented to go, in short, a door that opens onto reality’ -Antonin Artaud

Prurient “Cocaine Death” Hospital Productions HOS-232, CD, 2008

—-This is a compilation album of some unreleased tracks, and some tracks from very limited Hospital Production releases. These songs are all very dense, rich and thick bass, highly processed vocals, lyrics printed inside the digipack, subtle and not so subtle elements of melodies tinged in static, tasteful rhythmic and percussive elements, vague and suggestive lyrical passages, some real sick harsh sections, the images in the accompanying booklet of broken down cars, who knows how many days of alcoholic consumption, crabs in a cage. The whole thing is this weird and intense, dark but not completely hopeless. ‘Something purely mine’, I love this album.

Arca “Mutant” Mute 9636-2, CD, 2015

—-I don’t really like to play favorites or make too many comparisons, but the aural world of Arca is some of the most fantastic electronic ‘dance’ music that I know about. It’s so beautiful, and filled with unexpected transitions, gorgeous textures, I love it a whole lot, and the artwork by Jesse Kanda is the perfect visual accompaniment to the strange compositions heard therein.

Okha “Power Cannot Conquer Heaven” No Rent Records NRR46, tape, 2017, originally released in 2002 on Human Host (HH01)

—-On the email sent out by No Rent: “Why would you want to release a 15+ year old noise tape, originally put out on cdr in 2002, in 2017, an era with plenty of brand new harsh noise? Well, sorry boys, because it’s better. The strength of this specific material was what got Okha on the Macro/Prurient split LP hospital put out forever ago (your best chance of hearing of them). In this age of sound bite based politics seemingly seeping into music its nice to hear something committed to subtlety. You don’t know what it is within the first 10 seconds of pressing play; it rewards loyalty and patience, where much modern noise seems to reward “whatever”-WORSHIP. To me this is a good thing. It changes in organic, unpredictable ways, not just quiet to loud / piano loop / drop off sigh. In this way Power Cannot Conquer Heaven is actually abnormal. Proof that you can make long form, gritty, old school American brutality with experimental soul intact. Sounds killer on cassette to boot.” ‘OPINION’-worship aside, I’ve never really understood the idea of noise X being better than noise Y, but I am glad No Rent decided to put this out because it is really bad ass. I did some research and realized the guy behind this project, Josh Banke, is on one of my favorite doom metal albums, ‘Dwellers In Twilight’ by Aldebaran, which came as a pleasant surprise for me.

Zbigniew Karkowski “The Last Man In Europe” Erratum Musical 016, 1×12″ no rpm annotated, 2017, includes download of full ZK performance

—-You’ll wanna order this and start the BBC Teleplay of George Orwell’s 1984, from 1954, which can be found on youtube, 36 seconds into the unedited live performance, which can be downloaded via code with the LP. It’s fucking awesome.

Zanzibar Snails “Brown Dwarf” Mayyrh MYH05, CD, 2008

—-RIP Nevada Hill, FUCK CANCER, you made some really fucking incredible art while you were here, in this small but grand effort, in conjunction with Michael Chamy, Josh M. Whirten, David Price, Seth Sherman, recorded at Hailey’s in Denton. Somehow I crossed paths with Michael Chamy a few years back, and at some point he turned me on to this project, which I was never fortunate enough to see live, and explained to me that he has tons of backlogged recordings and that he’s choose the group’s finest moments to be released. And fine moments these are indeed. It still surprises me that anything this outré ever came out of North Texas, hell, and even this planet. These sounds will grab ahold of your being and make you forget it was ever a thing, and when you return you’ll be confused, and you’ll just want to go back, and be in that space forever. This is some of my favorite sound art.

Euegene Chadbourne “Strings” Intakt CD 025, CD, 1993

—-Every track on this release is so fantastic, some of my favorite acoustic improvised playing, it seems to exude in melodic and awesome extended techniques almost equally, though it’s hard to say. My good friend Junior turned me on to Chadbourne a few years ago, and everything I’ve heard I have loved a lot.

Mar 28: went to Thailand, was telling A about it, kissed someone, looking in mirror and my makeup was done really well; The wake was timid. Also telling some old man about it. L’s iPad was stolen, we all went swimming, we were outside some very old timey looking house, amerikkkan old timey, with a wrap around porch, this guy had a technological backpack with all the newest gadgets, the people I was with were very country, saw someone I felt a familiarity with but can’t remember who, but remember telling them I couldn’t talk long because I was looking for L’s stolen iPad and they wished me luck

Dario Argento’s “Mother of Tears” film, 2007, score by Claudio Simonetti of Goblin notoriety

—-Just finished this as part of the ongoing Loathsome Semen Club’s list of insurmountable things to take in, and like all the other Argento films i’ve recently taken in, I love it.

Michael Foster and Ben Bennett Duo “_________” CDr, 2015

—-As I’m sure that anyone following this blog has already noticed my obsession with Ben Bennett and/or Michael Foster, this is the album that sparked my obsession for the latter. I believe it could be very possible to mistake some of the tones these two conjure as mangled electronic tones, but really there are no electronics used on this album. These two make some of the most amazing improvised music, and having them together on an album is a real treat!

Invercauld “Deamhan” Clinical Records CR-01, CD, 2008

—-This was given to my by my good friend Junior, and is a really solid dark ambient release. Every track is bleak and brooding, and well done.

Mar 27: Shaving, took a long time to finish shaving, my skin under my beard was this dark green or gray color, I was buying bacon and beef for some people and these two little packages were something like $25 and I paid with a card and got $5 back, I was looking for my car afterwards, there was a flea market going on, a lot of people were around, my ex K was in this dream, for some reason it was a pleasant interaction, at some other point I was wearing PVC thigh highs and walking down the street

Developer, ANGST_43, Spring 2016

—-Harsh, cut up, hyper edited madness of some of the finest quality, a meticulous cacophonous disasterpiece. I really wish I could elaborate on this further, it leaves me rather speechless, if you’re reading this and you aren’t already in the know, and are into extreme sound art, you have to check out work by Developer. It’s all so fucking good.

Gus Van Sant’s “Drugstore Cowboy” film, 1989, score by Elliot Goldenthal, originally a book by James Fogle

—-After watching this, I want to read the book. I enjoyed this film quite a bit. It’s always good to see William Burroughs pop up as well as hear his voice. I love the soundtrack as well. It’s the first film I’ve seen by Gus Van Sant, and was added to the Loathsome Semen Club’s insurmountable list of things to check out as a recomendation made to me by my friend Kelly, thank you!!

Ralph Towner “Works” ECM 823 268-2, CD, 1984

—-They have a music therapy department here where I am, and they have a room full of mostly terrible music, but, I saw this and noticed that it was on ECM, who as far as I can tell have released some of my favorite sound works (Evan Parker Electroacoustic Ensemble being the most notable for me), though I only know about a small portion of their output throughout the years. This has a calming-prog-jazz feel to it that I find to be quite nice, a beautiful album.

The Hafler Trio “An Utterance Of The Supreme Ventriloquist” Soleilmoon Recordings SOL 134 CD, 2005, originally released by the same label in 1996

—-Beautifully crafted drones and ambient soundscapes weave about each other, occasionally sharp contrast surprises the flow before one is caught back within the grips of the slow cerebral tectonic shifting, eventually becoming a synthesized pulsating throb ascending to the creaking gates of noir and subsequently initiated grand fallacies of terror. An overall amazing album.

Z’ev and Oren Ambarchi “Spirit Transform Me” Tzadik TZ 8123, CD, 2008
—-‘Alef’ drones along in a dense field of subtlety, bells ring under a trans(trance)lucent sludge, frequencies neither start nor end but seem to roll around an ouroboros of careful tonality, one is caught in the grips and has no choice but to observe, a bunch of scrap metal shuffling around in ‘Bet’, that all slowly cascades into a sort of gentle static wash, and ‘Gimel’ begins with very deep bell sounds that quickly surround and envelop you as they beat with each other in a slow motion ripple, consuming one’s soul and treating it right. Incredible.

Mar 26: went to pick up supplies, was told by boss to not refer to people by their first names and that it’s unprofessional, walked out and forgot keys, was paired with an old friend L to ride with me, L is white in waking life but had a Hispanic accent in this dream, chased by cops while driving, working for another friend A in a restaurant, lava was flowing down from the volcanoes and some people in the dream thought it was part of a conspiracy

Cheryl Leonard, Jeph Jerman, Bryan Day “Isinglass” eh?89, tape, 2016

—-As far as I can tell, both Public Eyesore and its sub-label eh? release some of the most outré stuff that I know about, though, I am not thoroughly aware of everything on these labels, it just seems that the things I am aware of are OUT, about as out as out can get, otherworldly, other-existently, other-outré-ly, you get the idea. The sounds these three make on this tape are perfect for some meditation that takes you far from the mundane. Totally amazing release. I first heard of Cheryl Leonard from my friend Lily a few years ago, i am aware that she does performances with field recordings from expeditions to Antarctica, as well as taking ice from there and using it during performances, letting it slowly melt and drip and picking up those subtle tones with microphones. And then Bryan Day, the one that runs Public Eyesore and eh? makes invented instruments that sound all sorts of bizarre, weird and beautiful. Jerman is another name I ought to more about by now, but have only first heard of through this release, but previously written about from his collab with Steve Jansen, which I acquired after this, but wasn’t writing this blog when I actually first acquired this release. Basically, these three names are very worth knowing by anyone interested in some of the most forward thinking improvisational music of the meditative variety.

Boar / Genital Stigmata split tape on Centipede Farm CFX-116, 2016

—-It’s two of some of harsh cut up’s most intense and amazing acts on one split!! Boar’s ‘exitingCocoon’ sounds kind of like how I imagine breaking through one’s mental cocoon is like, like all of existence finally breaking through to the other side, a few poundings here and there and wham, behold all the unholy glory of post-existence nightmare-scape, a dense field of sound with whirring and spazzing at the core, sharp cuts and ear splitting panning, a complete melt down ending on a dark ambient note. G.S.’s ‘Shibari E.M.P. Blast Casket’ goes straight for the throat, sputtering and writhing on the floor, total chaotic ear-candy, candy spiked with heavy psychedelics, playful panning, gastrointestinal issues, horrid flashbacks, wet dreams.

the baby born with the end of the world. / MANNEQUIN HOLLOWCAUST split tape, 2016

—-TBBWTEOTW’s side starts with some string bowing and scraping and quickly pummels it’s way into distorted feedback territory, shuffling and mangling it’s way around, all of a sudden cutting down to silence before blasting it’s way down again, with track titles as fitting with the brutal tones that are heard, this makes for a very kick ass lo-fi harsh exploration side to a split. On MH’s side, we’re put into a disturbing trance with a beat like industrial noise pounding, we hear a “DON’T FUCK WITH ME”, that inner rage that PD embodies so well in his art, the alarming lofi shuffles and grumbles continue to take us down a haunted hayride of human deplorability and depravity, further down the never ending spiral of madness where we arrive at a beat driven banger for the initiated, where the word is made flesh, “IT’S THE BEGINNING OF THE END”, the prophet of lo-fi industrial madness has spoken!! Really fucking awesome split!!

mar 24, mom giving away records i want and books i want and i stopped her before it was too late and one of them wanted to fight me about it, at some other point I was being raped by someone I perceived as my dad except he didn’t look at all like my dad, at some other point I was being trained to fight off these soul sucking people that had no eyes and had mouths similar to sharks with rows of teeth and long slender tongues that tried to lock mouths with you and devour you, at some point jim morrison was in the dream, at some other point i was trying to stab someone, at another point Brad was in the dream, it’s always good to see him, at another point some people were bragging about drugging someone and somehow that turned into a kid talking about how he felt at peace around birds. I was working on a hip hop album in some kind of arcade, doing field recordings and also watching some movie on my laptop where some woman was being gruesomely tortured, then somehow I was the one being tortured, my teeth were being smashed in with a baseball bat, somehow I escaped, and was driving down the road with the windows down, while simultaneously playing violin and a keyboard and doing more field recordings of the sounds that were happening around the vehicle as I was driving along in conjunction with the keys and strings, at some point I was hanging with my good friend Nathan, and we were talking about hip hop. He let me dig around his record collection. We were playing some video game, that was a racing game involving characters racing on their feet, and the character we played as had an astronaut suit on, and I was running through walls that were short cuts and breaking records.

St George Baptizing The Selenites, Vittore Carpaccio, 1507

—-Made my way through the third sixth of Swann’s Way, and the painting The Ebony Tower chose for the third disc was this. Still quite in love with Proust, and enjoying every second I get to spend with this book while immersed in sound by the HNW on these discs.

Sun City Girls “Grotto Of Miracles” 1986

—-I don’t actually own this. It’s currently selling for $100 or more on discogs. So, I just soulseek’d it. As always, SCG are amazing, I have yet to hear any of their recordings that I didn’t love a lot.

To Live and Shave in LA “Absence Blots Us Out: For Chris Grier” Blossoming Noise BN064CD, 2015

—-Weasel Walter, Peter Wullen, Daniele Santagiuliana, Rat Bastard, Tim Lane Seaton, Gaybomb, Patrick Spurlock, Julie Huntington, Graham E Moore, Elyse Perez, Don Fleming, Ryan Parrish, Dominika Michalowska, Tim Dahl, Thurston Moore, Tom Smith and Chris Grier all perform on these recordings. Lots of extremely diverse tones, styles, timbres and textures happening all throughout, a very amazing homage for Chris Grier, the sense of existential dread and glory seeps through every edit of these sounds, the way they progress, overall creating an awesome barrage of sound art!

Michael Gregory Jackson, David Murray, Oliver Lake, Wadada Leo Smith “Clarity” ESP-Disk ESP 3028, CD, 2010, recorded in 1976

—-This is a superbly gorgeous album, that I picked up because I am familiar with a lot of other works featuring Wadada Leo Smith, and is my introduction to the other performers here. Each moment exudes a grand beauty, and there are a lot of interesting jazz melodies throughout, as well as some sections of weirdo avant territories.

Tourette “Jardin du sommeil. chant d’amour sur la nuit grandissante” Iatrogenesis Records, Antropofago Ateo, Troniks, TRO-292, IR059, CD, 2009

—-Every second of this masterfully crafted cut up disasterpiece is devastating. Quality harsh interspersed with carefully assembled moments of dark ambience, various acoustic metal scrapings and clangings, tons of ear splitting panning, just phenomenal!

ONO “Spooks” Moniker Records MNKR-025, double tape, 2015

—-Those credited for these amazing recordings, Michael Grego, Travis Stegall Dobbs, ONO, DjPTSD, Obnox. I automatically resonate with this mysterious DjPTSD fella. “Have you ever touched a man’s penis for old times sake?” I was fortunate enough to catch this amazing band live, in Denton, and they completely blew me away. Thoroughly weird and impossible to pigeonhole, though there are comparable styles, yet they are all blended together in such a way that the sum is exponentially greater than its parts. Odd vocals, even odder recognizable phrases, catchy drum beats and funky bass lines, dense layers of texture, tone and color. This double cassette release is super fantastic. If you ever get a chance to see this band live, they are one of the best I’ve ever seen and I recommend you do.

John Duncan & CV Massage “Riot / Brutal Birthday Soundtrack” Dark Vinyl DV#06, CD, 1991, originally released in 1984

—-“It has both sexes and is made for your pleasure. It waits for you to respond. You pour food on the face. You piss on the cock. You burn the cunt with cigarettes. You have a good time.” Thank you so much, Bryan, for pointing me in this direction. So very often you’re leading me to amazing, thought provoking artistic endeavors of various sorts, and I am forever grateful. ‘Hungry Last Words Yoika’ is a sonically grand recording, pulsating and droning synths shimmer while field recordings and shifting colors and textures swirl in and out above and below, very below, in night terror territory, alarms are going off and there is every reason to be alarmed, originally released in 1984, of all years, and it still resonates very strongly to this day. Bombs go off in the distance, disturbing thoughts take precedence. In ‘Riot’, there’s a tidbit of ‘Iron Man’ heard in almost a humorous way, while the rest of the time are dense fields of swirling mess, the occasional sharp contrast, perhaps the perfect soundtrack for an actual riot. Moments of sonic beauty, shifting and calming drones even make their way into this, and really I find the whole thing kind of baffling, i’m not sure how some of these techniques were implemented in the 80’s, the mystery adds to the enjoyment. On ‘Brutal Birthday Soundtrack’ it slowly builds around a churning loop, and drones weave in and out of one another and occasionally burst into piercing sections of high pitched feedback before bellowing back down to the lower pitched and oddly shifting tones that beat with one another, very hypnotizing. This album is really bad ass helping of dark sound art.

Iancu Dumitrescu and Ana Maria Avram “Live In Israel” Edition Modern ED.MN.1028, CD, 2011

—-Featuring the Contemporary Music Ensemble of Israel, Directed by Ilan Volkov who also plays violin, with Stephen O’Malley on guitar, Maya Dunietz on flute and piano, Ronald Boersen on viola and sound projection, Yoni Silver on bass clarinet, Eran Bril on clarinet, Eran Sachs on no-input mixer, Ram Gabai and Alex Drool on percussion, Amit Dolberg on piano, Assaf Talmudi on accordion, Adam Sheflan, Shmil Frankel and Danny Felsteiner on doublebasses. Again, if you follow this blog you have probably noticed that I am obsessed with these composers. This is by far some of my favorite sound art. It’s very very good. Just listen to them and enjoy the sonic-terror.

Brian Eno “Ambient 4: On Land” Editions EG EEGCD 20, 1982

—-Featuring Michael Beinhorn on synth, Axel Gros and Michael Brook on guitars, Bill Laswell on bass, Jon Hassell on trumpet, Dan Lanois on live EQ, the frogs were recorded in Choloma, Honduras by Felipe Orrego. This is one of Eno’s classic ambient recordings, and in my opinion it stands the test of time well. I’ve seen a handful of memes that poke fun at these releases, and however cliché it may be to enjoy them; I still love this album. It’s dense and lush and pretty ahead of its time, as well as being highly influential to many ambient artists of today.
Mar 23: someone with patches on their vest about Pharmakon, but somehow they didn’t know who Pharmakon was, just thought the patch looked cool, i schooled him, then he had a copy of a Drumm Lp on a chair, as well as ‘Master of Reality’, can’t remember anything else about the dream

Keith Rowe and Graham Lambkin “Making A” Erstwhile Records 067, CD, 2013
—-Field recordings of news reports of shootings, airport overhead announcements, kind of as an overture, some very sick transitions, lots of calm contemplative scratching and shuffling about, the occasional grunt, textural obscurities, colorful absurdities, two of sound-art’s most brilliant and creative enigmas coming together to form this beautifully mysterious package, at times bleak, at others playful, amazing to meditate to! Erstwhile always delivers the goods.

Modest Mouse “Building Nothing Out Of Something” 2000

—-‘It’s hard to be a human being.’

As always, thank you for reading, I love you!

Your princess

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