I want to establish Void Castle as a metaphysical location filled with art that I appreciate!

My aim is to continually support art I love, by writing my thoughts on various artforms in this blog. Mostly music, i’m a hardcore audiophile.

In the past I supported the community of Denton, TX, by organizing events for some of the most forward-thinking and creative acts that I know of. I’ve hosted shows for:

Mambo Sisters (Youko Heidy & Nahoko Tajima from Japan)

185668232 (Pittsburgh)

Dark Ashley (Houston)

Richard Kamerman (New York)

Jamison Williams (Florida)

Gin Hell (San Antonio)

Les Temps Barbares (California)

Lower Tar (California)

Gym Mat Nap (Austin)

Breakdancing Ronald Reagan (Austin)

Anime Love Hotel (Austin)

Aunt’s Analog (Austin)

Amulets (Austin)

Bryan Lewis Saunders (Tennessee)

Mannequin Hollowcaust (Tennessee)

and a bunch of lovely DFW locals: Color 9 (myself and Michael Gebel), (A)sex (though they recently moved here from Greeley Colorado), Trunk Rider, Whipping Post, Tangential Meandering, Schmekelhead, Michelle, Bagsgau (my project with Karl Roehling and Ethan Berman), Snuff American Style, Daniel Ryan, Boy Scout Manual, Cretin Dilettante, Cut Shutters, Le silence éternel des espaces infinis m’effraie (my duo, occasionally extra guests project with Mitchell Rotunno), Sam Friedland, Filth, Sarah Ruth, Crisis Actor, Morgan Lionheart, Junior Wayne, Aaron Carlo Gonzalez, Baby Blood, Whore Hairs (my duo with Karl Roehling)

Void Castle is also a label. I’ve released one tape so far, that was housed in sequin dresses I’ve worn during performances. I plan on releasing pro-CDRs, more tapes, and other surprises.


My aim with art is to bring awareness of troubled aspects of existence, as well as express through sound the feelings associated with darkness, trauma, grief, despair, convey my personal way of reaching the little catharsis and solace i can find.

If I read any articles I find fascinating I will share them here. I hope to interact with folks through this. I hope people reading find out about new music and/or share recommendations with me in return. I love regular mail and would love to have some penpals.

Thanks for reading,

Princess Haultaine III

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